Wooden gazebo kits are an easy way to add beauty and potentially add value to your property, if you've got the space.

That makes it all the more important for you to do your research.

And we're here to help.  If you want a bespoke recommendation, feel free to reach out to our team.

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The majority of the time, they are simple to build since you are getting the wood pre-cut, all the necessary screws and instructions.

Timber gazebos or pergolas are the perfect freestanding outdoor structure for relaxing and entertaining. Some of these picks may even get the neighbours talking.

If you're worried about your skill level, the picks on our list are at a level that most competent DIY'ers can try. 

If you are looking for the best wooden gazebo to buy (as a decent all-rounder for UK weather) then let's dive right in.


Rowlinsons Haven Corner Arbour

For an English-styled look in your backyard, the Rowlinson Haven Corner Arbour will fit your taste and style.

It is made with the finest materials that are FSC-certified; it is perfect for anyone who wants to beautify the corner section of their garden.

Compared to other modern arbours on the list, the Haven Corner is constructed of pressure treated wood which does not rot.

Subsequently, the natural timber protects your arbour from insects such as termites. Indeed, The Rowlinson Haven provide shade and style to every type of landscape.

Excellent For:

  • Quite times.
  • Admiring your garden.
  • Reading.

Besides its amazing features, the arbor gives you one reason to visit your garden; the seats are comfortable and a perfect shade from the sun.

At 113 kg the arbour is lightweight compared, to others. After assembling you can always relocate your gazebo to another spot in your garden whenever you feel for a change.

They are known for their exceptional quality products, fast delivery, and excellent customer service.

Therefore, if you buy this arbour, you are buying from a well-known brand in the UK; the Rowlinson company.

The Haven Corner is easy to assemble with detail step-by-step instructions and slick design that fits in any garden.

You are supplied with a roof, sides, and bench parts, all fixings, and an instructional manual.

This arbour is a must-have DIY project that would relieve stress and bring your family together.

You can check out the price and buy the Haven Corner at Amazon the one of the number one trusted online store in the world.


10ft x 10ft (Ex 12ft x 12ft) GARDEN WOODEN GAZEBO WITH OPTIONAL SHINGLES !SALE! + 12 x POSTS HOLDERS (Gazebo only)

At 10x10Ft the Checo is an excellent wooden gazebo kit with fancy and classy designs.

It is ideal for outdoor family get-togethers and allows you to relax outside during the warmer months of the year.

You can add pieces of furniture and still have lots of space to stand around.

Key features

  • Log cabin style
  • Eating outdoors and hot tub shelter
  • Entertaining friends and Family.
  • Relaxing outside.
  • Listening to music.  

What Are You Buying?

  • 12 posts
  • 8 Trellis
  • 8 Wooden Struts
  • Metal cross
  • Roof Beam

The roof size is 10 ft x 10 ft, and the overhangs increase the capacity to 12 ft x 12 ft hands down a lovely addition to your garden.

When buying Checo Wooden gazebo kit, you can buy the gazebo itself, or a gazebo with brown, green or red shingles whichever match your home style.

The ones with the shingles would give you backyard the added touch of style.

As you can see from the picture below a shipment of wood is delivered to your home.

When it’s time to assemble you can call Checo Ltd for this service and support as it is included in the price.

Untitled design 75 min

I would recommend this kit to anyone who is looking for a stable and fancy wooden gazebo that is below £1000.00.

The Checo Home and Garden is long-lasting with little to no maintenance required.

If you choose to buy this beautiful wooden gazebo 10×10 at Amazon just make sure you are buying them from CHECO LTD.



This Japanese Pagoda is another beautiful kit by the Cheo Home and Garden manufacturers; many customers are impressed by the finished product.

This gazebo is easy to assemble, and two persons can finish this masterpiece.

It is a bit on the smaller size with that being said; it is the perfect addition to tiny gardens.

Two chairs fit comfortably with a little space to spare.

Similarly, the fancy design of this Checo pagoda allows air to pass through giving you a refreshing and relaxing experience every-time you enter your gazebo.

The flooring is sturdy and made with durable wood, similar in style to that of a log cabin.

Although, shingle can’t be added to the roof the diamond pattern that is under the roof provides ventilation, especial when hot air is trapped under the ceiling which often happens with an enclosed structure.

Why buy this wooden gazebo kit?

  • Stylish design.
  • Easy to build.
  • Ventilated.
  • Pressure treated timber.

The gazebo looks terrific in any surrounding and the perfect choice for small gardens.

You can buy them at Amazon the link I have provided will ensure you purchase this gazebo with the correct seller; Checo Home and Garden.


Rowlinson Willow gazebo

I loved the look of the Rowlinson Willow gazebo it’s a rustic look compliments vines.

Furthermore, the Four windows provide an open area to relax and admire your garden.

It is constructed from woven willow; this gives it a charming look and contributed to maximum shade.

The perfect size and shape for corner position in your garden, this gazebo takes the spot for the most stylish design.

The top half is entirely different from the bottom half, giving the Willow that fascinating look.

Even though the frame looks thin, they are very durable and cost half the price of all the gazebos I mention above.

This is one well-made gazebo with a great price!

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Why buy this Gazebo kit?

  • Cheap.
  • Natural willow.
  • Don’t take up a lot of space.
  • Stable and well-made.

Although the Rowlison gazebo is small, two chairs fit under this beautiful garden structure.

Apart from the price, I admire how strong the frame and roof are! The overall style is breathtaking and will recommend this gazebo in a heartbeat.

In any event, we would recommend getting a pressure treated timber gazebo that is easy to assemble and has enough room for a seating area.

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