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A wooden pergola is an open structure that provides shelter and beauty to your garden. First of all, they are designed to allow vines to grow to create that incredible connection with nature. Secondly, wooden garden pergola kits are easy to install and ranges from as low as £100-1500.

Most popular in the Italian Renaissance a pergola is sturdy and has pressure treated timber that will last you many years. As a result, There are multiple and exciting ways to decorate them. Add string lights and slats for a romantic evening, as well as flowers, which is quite stunning. Check out this post at Yard Surfer for great ideas to spice up your pergola

We have provided you with two reasons to buy a garden pergola and the top three must-have pergolas for your backyard.

Reasons to buy a Garden Pergola

Provide shade for outdoor activities.

A garden pergola with open beam provides the best shade from sunlight while operable pergolas open and closes to block out elements.

Just like a gazebo you can entertain friends and family and add comfortable lounge chairs.

Depending on the size four to six chairs and a table fits under your pergola with ease.

For Privacy And Increase Home Value

An operable pergola offers you maximum privacy as the added drapes and curtains prevent prying eyes from neighbours. According to experts, they boost your home value, and unlike gazebos, it is easier to build and is cheaper, as a result, it’s an attractive structure you will find in many backyards.

Best Pergola- Summed Up

Let’s get started on our picks of the top three pergolas:


Rutland County Garden Furniture Wooden Pergola and Decking Kit (2.4m x 2.4m, Light Green)

Everyone loves outdoor barbecues and parties the Rutland wooden garden pergola gives you a place to entertain guest that is beautiful and versatile. It allows you to fit table and chairs with ease the entire structure is easy to assemble and has everything you need apart from tools and wall fixing.

Furthermore, the predrilled holes and explicit instruction will guide you on the correct path to building your pergola within hours.

The Rutland’s is constructed with a heavy-duty redwood corner post, and its rustic look creates the perfect structure to become the centre of attention in your garden.


Pressure Treated Wood– Pressure treated wood prevents rot and insects from destroying your pergola in fact, the Rutland’s guaranteed 15 years before you have to retreat it.

Attractive– The completed structure is not only secure and stable but is attractive too, as no unsightly metal clips or hangers are used to hold the components together.

Versatile-The redwood posts are to 2.7m long to give you the option to concrete them into the ground, finishing the structure at 2.3m high, the posts can cut down to 2.3m for it to be a free-standing structure. 

Rutland Country Wooden Garden Pergola Kit Dimension


  • Easy to build
  • Pressured Treated.


  • Don’t Supply base plates.


If you need a cheap pergola that is of high quality, stable and versatile, the Rutland is a perfect choice to host small get-togethers and increase your property value. We would recommend the Rutland in a heartbeat to anyone who’s on a budget yet still looking for a stable and rustic style.


Ultima Pergola Kit 3.6 x 3.6m

One of the best features of a garden pergola is to provide shade and give protection from elements,
the Ultima is no exception manufactured from Pressure Treated timber, the Ultima comes with a 15-year guarantee against rot and fungal decay.

This treatment gives the timber a slight pale green tint which provides it with that natural beauty. Similarly, FSC timber is used wherever possible. The structure has also been smooth-planed to give it a splinter-free finish.

The Ultima simple design creates the perfect frame for a seating area, water feature or large garden ornament. The stable roof rafters add support for decoration and a useful place to grow climbing plants.


Attractive-The Ultima is a fantastic chunk pergola with pressure treated smooth Planed Timber this looks neat in your garden.

Easy To Assemble-Fixtures u0026amp; fittings included for easy home assembly two persons build this pergola within hours.

Study-Thick u0026amp; Sturdy 9.5cm Wooden Posts and Crafted from 70% FSC Certified Timber

Rutland Country Wooden Garden Pergola Kit Dimension


  • Easy to build
  • Pressured Treated.
  • Splinter Free.


  • Needs clear Instructions.

One of the neatest design pergola available in the market today the Ultima looks fantastic in your garden. It not only support plants on the rooftop but makes it easy to hang other flowers and lanterns we love the smooth look and modern style and highly recommends it.

in your garden. It not only support plants on the rooftop but makes it easy to hang other flowers and lanterns we love the smooth look and modern style and highly recommends it.


LiveOutside Valencia -Round Wooden Garden Pergola with Arched Top - Diameter 482cm, H 338 cm

A pergola is a gorgeous structure that adds a lot of appeal to your backyard. You can transform your garden and create a living space where you can entertain friends and family or relax after a long day.

Compared to the Rutland and Ultima the Liveoutside price is higher but what can I say, you are paying for the modern yet stylish rooftop designs.

If your backyard is too exposed then adding this Liveoutside helps keep unwanted attention away and add to your garden ambience.


Easy To Combine with Other Structures– One of the best things about the Liveoutside afters a few years you can change it to a gazebo or add wooden chairs and tables No matter what you choose a pergola is a versatile structure.

Speedy Setup
Given to you is a set of screws and detailed instructions that will guide you throughout the building process. Two people could erect the structure in a few hours.

Pressure Treated-
Like every outdoor wooden structure, this pergola is pressure treated and guaranteed for ten years of protection against rot and insect attack. The Liveoutside official site warned buyers to build their pergola on a concrete foundation this increases the longevity of the wood.


  • Easy to build
  • Pressured Treated.
  • Stylish. 


  • Expensive.


Even though it’s on the expensive side the Liveoutside pergola is one of the prettiest structure we have ever seen. Manufactured from FSC approved pressure treated Northern European Redwood is strong and stable and looks terrific in any backyard.

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