One of my favourite time of the year is Halloween. I love to wear a costume and greet eager trick-or-treaters at the door.

A graveyard is an iconic addition to your Halloween decor. Designing a cemetery takes a bit of work and planning. However, once all your decor is in place, it’s a stunning view. There are many takes on it, but I’ll give you the easiest way to achieve this look.

Here are the props you’ll need for your Halloween graveyard: tombstones, spooking lighting, neglected space, Fog, (fence, pillars, or cemetery archway).

Tomb Stones Is A Must-have For Graveyards

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Tombstone with skull Halloween decoration

Tombstones are an important factor for every graveyard setup. You can DIY or buy them at your local store. The design of the stone is a personal preference and how much you’ll need depends on the size of the graveyard.

To enhance your design try to buy(or make) tombstones of different sizes and style. My graveyard consists of at least five stones I place randomly across my yard. The best props are the Grim Reaper statue combined with Toyvian four-packs RIP gravestones.

Neglected Area

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Finding the perfect spot for your graveyard depends on your yard and the height of your grass. One of the best places to add tombstones is in your garden.
However, if you don’t have a garden, look for the areas where you have the most grass and secure your tombstones there.

Don’t Forget The Lights Halloween Graveyard Ideas

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Fantastic lighting makes your graveyard spooky, especially at night. A combination of colours will highlight every area of your grave showcase.

Further, lights like the Meikee floodlights have a build-in colour system that changes with the remote. It features high-quality material and temper glass that protects the LED from the elements.

Tip: If you don’t have a fog machine, add extra cobwebs or decorations that are lighter, for example, skulls which will reflect some of the coloured lights.

Fog For Your Graveyard

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A fog machine adds the finishing touch to your graveyard atmosphere, and there is a lot to choose from. Softeen comes with led lights for some extra lighting. It features unscented and non-toxic fog that will create the perfect atmosphere.

Lastly, the entrance you have a choice between arbour, fence or pillars. The fence is cheapest, and you can buy them ready-made or make them yourself. Like the Gardman Easy Fence, they are reusable, and you can paint them black.

Don’t purchase an Arbour just for Halloween, use it all year round for your garden or to relax. The Marko Garden is the one to buy as it is long-lasting and easy to assemble.

For additional props, place: spiders, skeletons, plastic chains, creepy music, crows and other spooky critters.

So, this is how I create my annual graveyard. I hope you can use these Halloween graveyard ideas to help accomplish your version of this iconic Halloween symbol.

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