The winter season is approaching, and you want to use your gazebo all year round. If you don’t like to store your pop-up during the winter, then I have the perfect alternative for you.

Buying a gazebo cover will protect your outdoor structure from the elements. A gazebo winter cover is also great for hardtop gazebo, if you have a wooden or polycarbonate gazebo, check out my guide for winter protection.

gazebo winter covers

The sojag Universal Winter cover will protect your canopy from the chilly weather. This cover is waterproof and is compatible with the Sojag 12’W x 20’D and also features a one-year warranty.

Gazebo Winter Cover Installation Instructions

Adding the Sojag cover takes a bit of patience. However, after the first time you install it, you’ll become a pro.

  • Open your package and unfold the cover.
  • Place the cover over the gazebo but make sure to line up the long and short side with its corresponding sides.
  • Position the two corners of the gazebo and carefully place the cover over the gazebo.
  • If there is any excess material, fold them under. Never cut your cover.
  • Ensure the cover is attached to the ground with the poles and stakes through eyelets.

Cover Your Gazebo with Tarp For Winter Protection

If you don’t have enough money to buy a gazebo, a tarp is the best option. Some can not withstand the low temperature and high winds, so picking the right material is essential.

Vinyl and polyester tarp is ideal for windy conditions and will hold up in the winter however, make sure to secure the tarp properly by hooking them to poles and stakes.

The Woltu is a very durable tarp, it is waterproof and will protect your gazebo in the winter. It has four eyelets to hook to the ground to keep in place during windy conditions.

I have given you both a cheap and expensive version to protect your gazebo throughout winter. I understand why it is so important to safeguard your gazebo, especially when you spend a lot of money on it.

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