I enjoy counting down the days to Amazon’s Prime Day. I love getting the best deals and coupons. While I’m not a prime member, every year I choose this I month to purchase a one-month subscription.

October is my favourite month because it’s the only time of the year I get to scare my neighbours without them calling the police. Guys, I really go all out for Halloween and since prime day is just around the corner 13-14th, I am hunting for some great Halloween decoration deals.

For inspiration, I have already searched for Halloween decor I am looking to buy. My hunting grounds include Facebook groups and Pinterest. As of today, I will try to write every day outlining all of my Halloween adventure leading up to the day.

So far, I have got a few spooky indoor and outdoor decor I’ll love to share:

Her Indoor Decor

Can you believe the amazing things she found? Her post reads: “My house is ready for Halloween”. I spend my day looking for these rare findings and here is what I found:

Candy Corn Jar

This jar is exquisite and I bet the pumpkin shape candy is too. I think Sarah Beth knows the gem she has and wasn’t afraid to share. Plus, I found the exact jar within minutes of searching. You can buy it here.

Target Halloween Findings

Target has always been my go-to place for Halloween decorations. However, when I don’t feel like leaving the house, I opt for shopping online.

Tree Decorating

FB IMG 1601600860153

This will be the first for me because I’ve never tried changing a Christmas Tree into a bright and spooky decor. Even for Crystal, it’s a new experience as her caption states: “First year getting to do this”.

Bedroom Decoration

FB IMG 1601601213653

This is the best bedroom decor yet. The caption says: “Halloween bedroom done, made a quilt from last year’s clearance fabric”.

A variety of Halloween Decor

FB IMG 1601601538733
FB IMG 1601601545225
FB IMG 1601601557763

They spared no Halloween Decoration for this creative genius. Every picture frame, lights and pumpkin gives this home a spooky yet elegant tone.

These are just a few of my finding for Halloween. For 2020 I want to go all out because this year isn’t the brightest year. However, I still want the spread my love for Halloween and can’t wait to see some Prime Day scary deals.

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