If you’re like me, you probably want to make the best use of potential waste from your kitchen. Things like coffee grounds and eggshells are good for your garden as it boosts your fertility and the growth of your plants.

What plants like coffee grounds and eggshells? Plants like lilies, blueberriesradishes, carrots and azaleas love the benefits of coffee grounds. Plants like peppers, tomatoes and eggplants enjoy the extra calcium of eggshells.

The Benefits of Ground Coffee In Your Plants

Coffee grounds are an excellent resource they are available in abundance and are free. Firstly, there is somewhat of a misconception as to the coffee grounds being acidic. However, several studies show coffee grounds are generally neutral on the PH scale.

Occasionally they’ll be slightly acidic and alkaline. Besides being neutral on the PH scale, they release nitrogen into the soil. They also contain generous amounts of phosphorus and potassium, copper magnesium which all proved very valuable when growing out your crops.

Coffee grounds also help with disease suppression of some common fungal rots and helps repel ants, slugs and snails. It improves your overall soil-till the physical condition of your soil and is easily mixed with other compost.

The Benefits Of Eggshells In Plant

eggshells for plants

Eggshells have a high source of calcium with 40% of Carbonate, 0.4% of Nitrogen and 0.4% of Magnesium with other microelements. They are an excellent resource to use by itself or as an add-on with other fertilizers.

Now, the elements in both ground coffee and eggshells will not give your plant nutrient right away. But mincing the eggshell will speed up the process of your soil observing the nutrients.

If your tomatoes or peppers are experiencing blossom end rot- this means it is calcium deficient. You can always add a tablespoon of eggshells to the soil before replanting them.

You can also use them to repel slugs, however, do not throw large shells, grind them down in smaller particles and place a thick blanket of shells around your plant. So it can make the path feel like glass underneath the snail’s delicate bodies.

The plants I mentioned above love ground coffee and eggshells as organic fertilizer. They blend with other compost, and they are free and widely available.

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