Renting a storage unit takes no time at all. But before you can do so, you will need to have a valid government identification and a payment method. The price of renting a storage unit depends on the company so, before applying, do your research beforehand.

Renting a storage unit requires you to have insurance, which can cost only $25-30. After you will have to fill out an application and sign a storage lease, this can be online or at the company’s office. This process can take 10-15 minutes.

Which Is The Best Storage For You?

There are two popular storage areas indoors and outdoors. Indoor storage provides a clean place to keep your belongings. They are available in different sizes and are perfect for work files, furniture, and other personal stuff. While an outdoor unit allows you to conveniently drop off items.

Storage Unit Leases

Storage leases

You can rent a storage unit on a month-month basis. When you are vacating the unit you may need to give the renter a fifteen day’s notice or two day’s verbal notice.

Monthly units can cost $60- $225 depending on if you require extra amenities. Other factors that influence your unit price are location and seasonal demand. Prices tend to increase at the end of summer when people are stashing away their sporting equipment.

The best part of storage units is the additional amenities. You can sniff out high-end units by their extra services. Like 24 hours of access, security systems, and temperature control units.

Which Amenities To Consider

Security systems like guards, electronic gates with coded access and cameras. Give you peace of mind knowing your items are safe. These are also perfect for people who store expensive items, like motorcycles or even expensive cars.

Twenty-four access allows you to collect your belongings whenever you need them. However, you don’t need 24 hours access if you are storing away items you use once a year since you can come in working hours to collect your items.

Storage Insurance

For extra security, consider storage insurance. You can access this through your national insurance provider that will protect your items from natural disasters or other events. Of course, the size of the unit and the value of your item will determine your insurance overall cost.

Renting a storage unit is straightforward as you only need your government-issued identification, a payment method, and a storage lease. For extra security, you can apply for storage insurance for protection against events beyond your controlled.