A pergola is a great way to relax and entertain guests outdoors. However, the natural appearance plants give to your garden structure will not only appear beautiful but create a space for butterflies and birds.

Many homeowners leave their pergola clear from plants and flowers so they can install polycarbonate panels. Even so, a pergola with hanging plants offers you some extra shade.
With that said, here are the best plants that grow on a pergola.

Climbing Rose

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Climbing rose offers a cottage feel and country look. You can find them in a variety of colours that can blend with your garden theme. Furthermore, they bloom in the late spring and early fall so, expect your garden structure full of exquisite roses. You also must prune your roses regularly as they grow out of hand. Climbing roses will not attach themselves to your pergola. Therefore, you must use a strip of soft cloth or twine so you can train your roses.

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Bougainvillaea is a popular and safe option when choosing the best plants for a pergola. They are the perfect plants for warm areas and will look beautiful in any structure. Bougainvillaea is a wild plant so, like the climbing rose you will need to train them to grow the way you want. This type of plant is great for people looking for shade and a bit of privacy since it features thick steams and lots of colours depending on your choice.


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Jasmine is very charming and offers a tasteful setting with an additional strong fragrance. They are one of the easiest plants to grow and have beautiful white petals with a touch of pink highlights. When relaxing jasmine gives you a lovely scent that calms your body. It is also one of my favourites so much so; I named my cat after this plant. During the first year of growing jasmine, you may need to pinch the stem to encourage plant growth. After the first blooms, start pruning.

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Bower Vine

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The Bower Vine is an excellent plant that can withstand the sun but not the frost. They grow fast and comprises trumpet-shaped with pink centres. Bower Vine is a great plant for your pergola as it offers shade and beauty to your garden structure. Similarly, they grow in soils slightly alkaline with regular watering and respond well to pruning after its first flowers.

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English Ivy

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An English Ivy plant flourishes both inside and outside and is the perfect addition to your pergola. They are super easy to manage once you keep it happy. English ivy needs lots of light, so make sure your structure is in a place where your plant can get enough sun. Before watering, inspect the soil as ivy enjoys soil on the dry side. Further, ivy requires fertilizer once a month. However, do not fertilize during the winter since this may harm your plant.

Chocolate Vine

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Chocolate Vine thrives in shaded areas and grows super fast. They need regular watering and blooms in later spring to early summer and respond well with slow-release fertilizer once a year. Because of it’s a fast-growing feature, the chocolate vine can invade your pergola. Hence, you will need to prune your plant regularly. You can eat the fruit of the chocolate vine, and they give you a vanilla fragrance when relaxing in your structure.

Crossvine (Bignonia)

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This climbing plant can grow up to 50ft with the claw-tipped tendrils that help it wrap around your pergola. It blooms as early as in April and has bright orange flowers that attract hummingbirds. After blooming, it stays green all year and turns a deep maroon during the winter.

Butterfly Pea

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The butterfly pea is a very versatile plant. They are perfect for salads, teas, and face cream. They have tumour-fighting properties and decrease the risk of cancer. Besides this, it offers shade and prefers a warm climate to thrive. Butterfly pea is a favourite amongst butterflies, as it will keep these beautiful creatures near.

Grape Vine

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The grapevine is a popular fruit in the home garden. Grapevines are long-term plants as they live between 50-100 years. They live in soil drainage and prefer areas with lots of suns shines. Grapevines need a support structure, and this can be your pergola. Furthermore, depending on the species of the grapevines, this will determine the spacing these plants need. Also, they don’t like heavy watering and requires a soil with good drainage.

Here are ten best plants for your pergola you can have two or more species of a climbing plant that will give you year-round beauty.

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