Hot tubs come in many shapes and sizes, and it’s not the only luxury, the rich can afford. When you have a hot tub in your yard, a gazebo adds to the beauty and functionality to your tub.

There are many gazebos available for your hot tub, these include building one yourself and buying kits. No matter which option you choose, a gazebo for your tub makes the experience enjoyable.

Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub and Pool Gazebo Dome Enclosure
390x255x11 cm
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Suntime PG01178 2.5 m"Polenza" Cream Gazebo - Off White
2.5 m
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3.5 m
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The Benefits of Buying A Gazebo For Your Hot Tub

Some gazebos come with the open-air experience and are built with a roof and supporting sides. However, the front is laid open for the breeze to flow through.

These gazebos may not be enough for people looking for additional privacy but there is always the option of hanging privacy curtains. What about the people who live in an area with busy roads and neighbours?

If this is the case, some hot tub gazebos offer space for screen blinds, and shutters for privacy. It also provides a place to hang lights that cater to nighttime soaking.

Lights are built in the ceiling and supporting walls. If you’re a fan of candlelight effect, then a gazebo that has a custom shelf will allow you to place candles.

Gazebos will keep decorative candles within a safe range so it will not catch fire. Gazebos manufacture’s such as Fifthroom offers customization so you can add stereo systems built into the structure itself. Further, you can have wireless stereos that will not put any wires near your tub.


Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub and Pool Gazebo Dome Enclosure

If you have a lazy spa hot tub, then you can buy this gazebo. The lazy spa gazebo is very spacious, can withstand all the elements and provides sufficient protection for your hot-tub.

By doing this, it limits your chances of foam and cloudy water during your soaking time. The enclosure feature detachable fabric and mesh doors. It promotes privacy encase you live in an area where the road and neighbours are nearby.

The Lazy spa is easy to assemble and remain steady in any flat surfaces.
Many customers complain of poor wind resistant so if you live in an area with heavy winds, make sure to buy extra strong weights. It fits hot tubs and pools with (3.9m x 3.9m x 2.55m) in diameter, making it a very spacious gazebo.


  • Spacious.
  • Design for hot tubs.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Water-resistant materials.

Cons- Flimsy and need extra weights.

Q And A

Can this gazebo use in the winter?– No, I don’t recommend using the lazy spa in the winter. You can buy a wooden or metal gazebo if you plan on soaking during winter.

Can it withstand heavy winds? While the Lazy spa is a strong gazebo with extra weights, it may not withstand the winds in the areas below.


Shetland Area
Orkney Area
Western Isles
Ross and Cromarty

Average Wind Speed (knots)


Are the sides removable? Yes, you can remove it since it is connected with zips.


Suntime PG01178 2.5 m'Polenza' Cream Gazebo - Off White

The Sun time is an amazing gazebo with canopy roofing. It is one of the best metal gazebos for a cheap price and can withstand windy conditions.

This gazebo is easy to assemble with two people in only 30 minutes. Moreover, it is rust resistance with a powder-coated frame. Another reason to buy the Suntime is you can have it all year round including the Winter.

The mesh curtains prevent insects from entering your soaking area, and it’s one of my favourite gazebo of all time. You can buy additional curtains for extra privacy. It also is available in stylish colours that add flair to your hot tub setting.

Features of the SunTime:

  • Value for your money.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Has a waterproof roof canopy and a powder-coated frame.
  • Stylish.


  • Difficult to find replaceable canopy roof.
  • Flimsy frame.

Q And A

Are their a gap between the side panels?– No, after zipping the panels there are no gaps.

Can the net reach the ground? Yes, it can.

Can the SunTime be bolted to the ground? Yes it can, this gazebo has fixing at the bottom.

Checo Home And Garden Wooden Gazebo

Checo Home And Garden Wooden Gazebo

See Price of the wooden gazebo


  • Reliable manufactures.
  • Wind resistance and completely water-resistant.
  • Good price.
  • Space for adding curtains.
  • Pressure-treated to last you years.
  • Easy to paint to match your outdoor settings.


  • Hard to set-up.

Q and A

Can you build a floor? Yes, you should build the floor before the gazebo.

Do the shingles comes with the wooden gazebo? No, you’ll need to purchase shingles separate.

Is the gazebo waterproof?– The roof is watertight after some minor treatment. You can cover the roof with shingles as it will improve the durability of the gazebo.

Gazebos add an exclusive space for hot tub fun and relaxation but if you live in a windy area, buy a wooden or metal gazebo. It will save you the trouble of purchasing a new gazebo and also saves you a lot of money in the long run.

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