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Have you ever wonder if your gazebo is water-proof? By purchasing a pop-up gazebo, there are certain features to search for such as a powder coated frame to ward off the rust, secure pop-up system, and cost, but one of the most important aspects a water-proof gazebo does is it protects your possession from the elements.

Waterproof Coating

Most pop-up gazebos are made from polyester fabric. When manufacturers treat and test their gazebo for water-proof qualities, this determines the difference between a leaking roof from a water-proof tent. Before purchasing look for canopy fabric that has is treated with waterproof chemicals like Kiwi Camp Guard and Nikwax.

Sealed Seam

A sealed seam is very useful as it protects your gazebo from leaking. The Coleman Event Shelter Deluxe has invented floor seam that decreases weather resistance by hiding needle holes away from elements. You can again look for gazebos seams that are treated with silicone seam sealant.

Lined Polyester

When a pop-up gazebo has lined polyester, this help protects your gazebo from the elements. Polyester offers little water-proof qualities, but also absorb water, so an extra lining protects your possession from getting wet and disturbing your event.


A leaking roof can cause premature rusting of the frame.

Look for water column measurements.
Water column is a way of measuring water-proofing in fabric- it is the number in millimetres of water the material can withstand before it starts to leak.

PU Coating

Polyurethane-short term PU is a protective coating made of polyurethane when applied to the fabric can transform into a permanent water-proofing treatment.


Having a water-proof gazebo is essential for many reasons, but the main reasons being are- your party will not come to a premature end, you would not catch a cold, or it will not soak your furniture.

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