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If you want to brighten up the inside of your pergola with low voltage lights, then there are many options available.

When done correctly, it can completely change the look and feel of your outdoor structure by highlighting the features and making it safer at night.

Good pergola lighting is all about balance, by evenly distributing the lights of your pergola it wouldn’t look lopsided.

Benefits Of Low Voltage Lighting For Your Pergola

Low voltage lights have 12V and are a common option for residential homes and are achieved by converting 120V with the use of a transformer.

It is also one of the best lighting sources for outdoor structure as low voltage wires can easily be buried in shallow trenches without using a conduit.

Furthermore, buying low voltage lights offers you a wide range of energy-efficient fixtures with a lower risk of electric shock.

Uplighting For Pergola

If you don’t have access to an electrical outlet near your pergola, consider lighting around them. With the option of uplighting, this refers to lights mounted on the ground and shine upwards.

To achieve the best position for the lights, start by looking around your pergola picking out the key focal point you want to feature as well as where you will need functional lighting.

The garden ECOWHO comprises eight lights with 12V and builds in GS UK transformer that features durable lamp body. They are also waterproof and hold-ups well during poor weather.

Symmetrical Lighting For Your Pergola With Low Voltage

pergola string lights

String lights are another popular lighting source available for a pergola, however, make sure the lights are space out properly. Uneven lights can look unattractive especially, at night time.

A common way to hang string lights is in a straight line. This allows lightening in every area of your pergola, and it doesn’t cost much to achieve this look.

An excellent low voltage option is the Quntis outdoor led string lights. They are waterproof, energy efficient and can withstand the elements but you’ll need more than one pack to illuminate a large pergola. With 30cm of spacing, there is no area for darkness.

Let’s not forget the beauty of curtain light on a pergola, they offer creative and beautiful lightings that make every outdoor dining and part bright. One of my favourites is the JnDee low voltage lights with 20 drops comprising 15 led light, it waterproof, versatile, and can withstand the elements.

Fancy Fixtures and Build In Lights

build in light pergola

I’m a big fan of using outdoor fixtures in your pergola, especially vintage hanging lights. I love that it gives your outdoor structure a rustic appearance, and if you have a dark-coloured pergola, it is a magical sight.

When choosing hanging lights, you don’t want to pick a light that is oversize or too small. Depending on the size and height of your structure, it will determine which is the best hanging fixture for your pergola.

The QACA Led lights are a great set that is easy to install and environmentally friendly.

Buying low voltage lights for your pergola is a lovely way to brighten up your outdoor structure during the night.

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