Outdoor Christmas light decoration is a brilliant way to get you and your neighbour into the holiday season. I will give you some easy tips and tricks to make decorating outside with lights fun and to have the best house around.

Before you start, create an overall design plan so you can determine where you are hanging lights. Further, the focal point for any home is the pouch/patio and doors you can also place string lights on windows, bushes and trees.

Measure to know how many lights you’ll need for your patio doors and roof. For bushes and trees, the number of lights you’ll need is based on personal preferences.

Pro Tip: If you have any electrical questions about your house, it is a good idea to consult an electrician before starting.

What Types Of Lights You Would Need To Decorate Outside?

With the design plan in place now, it is time to think about the lights you will need. There are tons of lights to choose from, and it’s not just all about the colours.

White Christmas lights can create a timeless look while multi-coloured lights are fun and festive. Similarly, you can also combine them for a more complex design. Not all white lights have the same hue some give off a warm yellow glow while others have an icy blue.

Many led lights offer the option to switch between coloured and white on the same strand. Popular Christmas lights include string, icicles, net, spot, large bulb lights and pathway lights.

Led Vs Incandescent Lights For Outdoors

Although LED and incandescent string lights are available in a variety of colours and bulb shape, there are a few differences. Incandescents are cheaper and have a warm glow.

Compared to LED lights which use less energy than incandescent bulbs, last longer, and some LEDs are rated up to 100,000 hours of use.

LED lights are available in both warm and cool light, and you can combine more strands of LED lights versus incandescent.

Which Lights Look Best For Outside?

Christmas spot lights
Christmas Spot Lights

Net lights are great for bushes and shrubs because they evenly distributed, looks symmetrical, and it’s easier to work with than individual strands.

The Ollney LED net lights are the perfect net lights, it has over 200 LEDs that offer a warm and cosy glow. These lights are waterproof with an IR remote control that adjusts the brightness.

Pro Tip: 3-6 ways adapters like the Pro Elec connects to one extension cord offer options to run path lights, bushes and spotlights. So, instead of having multiple extensions which look clunky, you’ll have one cord keeping them as low profile as possible.

For the path lights, you can use the OxyLed solar lightsthey are easy to install and consists of multiple colours that offer a Christmas glow. It has an energy-saving option that automatically comes on/off at dusk or dawn.

Additionally, you can use path or string lights to decorate trees, your choice depends on the height and the thickness of the branches. When you add spotlights to your trees, it will give it a nice elimination and balance out the yard.

How To Hang Your Christmas Light Decorations For Outside?

outside lights christmas

There are a few different options to hang Christmas light, the most common are using all-purpose light holders. You can tuck these clips into places where you want to add lights too. It is best to keep them at an angle rather than straight for a steady hold.

For lights around the door, you can use Command light clips. They are low profile, especially when guests are coming in and out. Hence, you don’t want a big bulky clip, and they are perfect for decor because they don’t leave any damage or residue.

A great option to use when hanging Christmas lights around your gutter line are icicle string lights. There are one of the most popular lights when decorating roof and gutter lines for the holidays. To install the icicles, you can use a ladder and the same all-purpose clips.

If you are not comfortable using a ladder, another alternative is using a Christmas light hanger. It allows you to keep two feet on the ground and still clip the lights unto to gutter.

Once all your lights are installed, I highly recommend using a timer like a daylight sensor to save energy.