A Country English garden will look amazing all-year-round, especially if you have the perfect plants and landscape. To help you achieve this, I’ve put together six of my favourite plants you’ll find right here in any UK garden.

Erigeron karvinskianus

Erigeron flowers
Erigeron flowers in the garden, focus on flower in front

There is nothing prettier than seeing a lot of Erigeron karvinskianus, along with your garden steps or around a wooden gazebo or pergola. They flower for at least eight months of the year and the flowers change colours.

Erigeron karvinskianus starts with white petals and then fades to pink. Further, it requires very low maintenance and only the essentials of water and sunlight.

Cornus controversa ‘Variegata’

country english garden
Picture source https://www.chewvalleytrees.co.uk/

The common name for the “Variegata” tree is the wedding cake, because of its wonderful layer effect. They also have those upright layer flowers that increase pollination access so bees and butterflies can get to them easier.
All the leaves drop off at wintertime but you can place lights on them giving you an instant Christmas tree.


The South American Gunnera (Gunnera manicata) in the park.

This amazing plant is an absolute beast and lives by the water because they prefer their root nice and damp. They have these huge leaves which can grow up to 8 ft and provides glorious shade for both children and adults.



The Irises is a stunning plant, the colour and texture add to its appealing appearance. Now, Irises stems grow right below the soil and needs at least 6-8 hours of the sun according to The Courier.

The reason for this is it needs the sun to produce more flowers and is a must-have for every country English garden.

Taxus Baccata

Taxus Baccata

Hedges is the best way to divide a large garden. They are brilliant because you can trim them through the year except in the winter.

You can trim them with hedge trimmers or by hand and they will supply you with 365 days of evergreen.


Mock orange, aromatic evergreen shrub from mexico

The Choisya is a popular shrub you can use in your country English garden. It looks amazing in dark corners because it has these glossy leaves that will reflect light.

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