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Having a marquee is perfect but if you don’t own one and have a wedding or large event coming up then renting a marquee is your best option.

So how much does it cost to rent a marquee in the UK? It all depends on the size and additional add-ons prices ranges from £400 to £7500 and varies according to the company.

Add-ons such as wooden flooring, matting, lighting, delivery and set up contribute to the overall cost.

How Much does Renting A Marquee Cost?

Finding how much renting marquee cost is pretty simple as most sites that offer these services usually have a marquee rental calculator.

You can request a quote which is the fastest and accurate way to find out the price.

Another way to find out how much it will cost is by calculating per person. Usually, this cost £15 to£50 per person £15 means simple lighting, basic unlined marquee, and mating while the higher price will include fancy lighting and others of the good stuff.

Good Websites To Find A Rental

Country Marquee
They offer wedding, party, and corporate marquee at low prices and favorite amongst customers.

Baillies Marquees LTD- Similar to the Country Marquee they offer great services.

Trafalgar and JF Marquees Another popular marquee rental services.

Price and Payment- Marquee rental companies require that you pay a deposit to secure your booking. The full amount should be paid on the day or days before with credit cards or cash.

Marquee rental employees sometimes visit the site to ensure the venue is ready for setup.

Then you will receive a quote via email.

After confirmed booking, you are called two weeks to reserve the time for them to assemble the marquee depending on the size this process takes up to a few hours to two days.

After the event, the marquee is dissembled days later.


Types Of Rented Marquee

Traditional Marquee- Has stylish swooping lines that are perfect for wedding and parties. They have supporting poles inside for hanging decoration such as balloons and string lights and erect with guy rope and pegs.

Chinese hat marquees- Used for smaller parties and events the Chinese marquee looks best as an entrance for the large marquee. It’s the perfect choice for a smoking area, buffet and a bar placed next to the larger marquee.

Chinese marquee comes with walls or without these tents can’t lined but are lit for special events.

Stretch Tent- You can install them anywhere including on sand, concrete, gravel and is secure in different ways.

What Size of Marquee Do You Need

There are a few factors that determine which size of Marquee you’ll need:

  • The number of guest.
  • Leaving space for dancing and mingling.
  • Extras space for buffets and dancing floor.

An estimate taken from Baillies Marquees LTD- shows that with 40 guests sitting at round tables a 20 x 20ft 6m wide marquee is the ideal size to hire.

The price of the marquee only will cost you at least £201.60 but with the added cost of the lining to suit (£86.40) and wooden/plastic flooring (£108.00) plus VAT will cost you a hefty price of £396 again this is according to Baillie’s price list.

In the end, it all depends on the extra add-ons (wooden flooring, etc.) that will determine the price you’ll have to pay.

If you are looking for a great bargain always do your research.

Don’t just accept a quote from one company and call it quits look around and compare prices.

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