So, you need to buy a pop-up gazebo with sides for extra protection from the elements. Then say no more! We have found them.

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A pop-up gazebo with sides provides the ultimate protection against the elements and a great way to expand your outdoor area. Lucky for you, I have done my research and found the best picks, based on reviews and quality.


Greenbay 3x3M Anthracite Pop-up Gazebo with 4 Sidewalls and 4 Leg Weight Bags, Carrying Bag

The Greenbay gazebo is an excellent choice to cover your outdoor lounge furniture, market stall, and garden. It’s below £100.00, and the cheapest of the three pop up gazebos with sides.

The frame is durable and is powder-coated to prevent rusting; the canopy is water-resistant and has a rating of 600 mm HH to protect you from the elements. Its side walls have church style windows that allow light to pass through, giving you a comfortable stay in your gazebo.

2This cheap gazebo is very spacious with an overall height of 255 cm; that accommodates four people. Also, the colors available at Amazon matches with almost every outdoor setting.

  • Entertaining friends and family.
  • Relax outside.
  • Listen to music.
  • Market Stalls.
  • Hot Tubs

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x gazebo.
  • 1 x carry bag.
  • 4 x leg weight bags.
  • 4 x Ropes and 8 x Stakes.
  • 2 x free Wind Bars.

Why Buy The Greenbay pop-up gazebo?

The Greenbay is water-resistant with 420 Denier oxford fabric and a heavy-duty carry bag. You would enjoy the Four sides; two with church styled window and other two with zipper doorway unlike, other gazebos the brand offers free wind bars and weighted bags.

Bottom Line

It’s the perfect choice for both commercial and promotional stalls; it’s not the best shelter for storms and strong winds but can handle slight rain. Like most pop-up gazebos with sides, the walls are detachable for those hot summer days. The free wind bars and four weight bags offers extra stability. Even though this gazebo is cheap, it has all the best features of an expensive pop-up.


  • Leaks during heavy rain.
  • The Velcro straps are poorly made.


Airwave Gazebos 3x3m Premium Pop Up Gazebo, Heavy Duty, Fully Waterproof with PU Coating, Choice of Colours, Includes Carry Bag and Anchoring Ropes (Blue)

Like the previous brand, the AirWave Gazebos is another budget-friendly gazebo for market stalls, small parties, barbecues, and family get together you would not find another gazebo with this price and quality.

Some popular sizes are the 2×2 m, 3×3 m, 2.5×2.5 m, and the 6×3 m. This pop-up gazebo is excellent for the lousy weather in the UK as you can buy them with the enclosure for cases when you need a little privacy.

The simple design of the Airwave makes it a fantastic gazebo for the cost. This pop-up will keep the draft and heat out and are available in a variety of colors.

Cons- Colors fade.

Pros of the Airwave Gazebo

Lots of Colors Available- Don’t matter the size there are a lot of colors available this is excellent in case you want to match the style of your home.

Excellent Quality- Not only are the Airwave gazebos are well-made down to the canopy, sides, and galvanized steel frame. But, they are guaranteed to last a few years to come. To top it all off, you are receiving added accessories such as the carry bags, peg leg weights, and wind bars. 

Lots of Colors Available- Don’t matter the size there are a lot of colors available this is excellent in case you want to match the style of your home.

The roof fabric is waterproof and built to withstand heavy rain and breezy conditions. The material of the canopy is manufactured from 190g PU coated soft touch polyester and seams to prevent leaking around the stitches.

The frame and roof struts are powder-coated, which ensures the prolonged longevity of your pop up.

Easy Pop-Up -As expected, most pop gazebo takes about two minutes to build.


All Seasons Gazebos 2.5 x 2.5m Heavy Duty, Fully Waterproof Pop up Gazebo With 4 Side Walls (Black)

The ABCCanopy is an excellent heavy-duty gazebo made with durable material like 500 deniers water-proof fabric and powder coated to prevent rust unlike most gazebo this will last years.

They build this gazebo to withstand the elements without blowing over or leaking for a 3 m × 3 m this gazebo is spacious and great for market stalls and small events.

This 3 m × 3 m Canopy gazebo has four colors white, purple, beige, and turquoise these colors blend with every home setting and are easy to spot in any fair and events the bright-colored turquoise gives your brand that unique look.  

Is it easy To Assemble?

This gazebo is easy to assemble; it takes 10 minutes to pop-up with no tools; the frame comes separately; so, you can attach the canopy with Velcro straps to the frame. Then you can use the pinch-free push button to lock the legs to one of the three positions depending on your preferences.

How Sturdy is the ABCCanopy Pop-up Gazebo With Sides?

Very Sturdy! As you can see from the picture above, you will notice the manufacturer showcase, a man standing on the frame to prove how sturdy the structure is. With a 35 mm thick square leg and super strong truss bar adds protection against heavy winds.

The ABCCanopy Is Extremely Waterproof

The ABCCANOPY roof has a 500 Denier Polyester with PU lining, making it 100% water-proof. The sides have a 210 Denier polyester with PU lining and sturdy Velcro straps to keep them in place.

What does Denier polyester this mean? It’s a medium-weighted FR polyester fabric lined with polyurethane (PU) this gives the canopy its water repellent properties and its UV resistance. 

What About the Sides?

  • The sides have zippers and connectors to join the walls together making it easy to remove.


  • Powder-coated.
  • Water-proof.
  • Three 3 m sidewalls.
  • One door wall.
  • Heavy-duty carrier bag.
  • Sturdy frame.
  • UV resistant.
  • Heated sealed seams- Sealed the needle holes to prevent water from leaking through the seams.
  • Cons.
  • Some complained of leaks.
  • Need vents.
  • Heavy.

Bottom Line

Overall it’s an excellent gazebo I’ll give it a solid nine the frame is durable and amongst one of the popular choice of gazebos in the UK.

While some customers found it to be on the heavy side, however, this is not a bad thing as this only means it’s stronger and has better protection against the elements.

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