20 Decorating Ideas For Your Pergola

Pergola decor

Adding decoration to your garden pergola enhances both its interior and exterior. Buying a pergola creates is space where you can sit, relax, and admire all the work you have done in your garden.
A decorated pergola with ambient lighting enhances your dining atmosphere. Furthermore, you don’t need to go all out with expensive materials. The simple things you can find around the house like curtains, strings, and outdoor furniture will get the job done.

Black pergola
Flowers on pergola
Pergola design
Curtains and pergola
Polycarbonate pergola
Bamboo pergola
Pergola with wooden furniture
Small pergola
White curtain pergola
Hammock pergola
Hippie pergola
Wooden pergola
Pergola with table and chairs
Pergola with three chairs
Pergola with lightd
Pergola grass
Lamps on pergola
Pergola modern

Here are some bonus pictures you may also love.

Brown pergola with decor
Pergola with tables
Blue beautiful pergola

Black pergola

Choose from any of these designs to convert your pergola into the most beautiful structure in your garden or patio.