Some people think that gazebo and pergola are the same. No! There are not, both of them are different in many ways.

So to answer the question ” Is a pergola better than a pop up gazebo”; It all depends on your budget, climate, beauty and the intended purpose. A pergola is an outdoor structure consists of vertical posts and pillars that support cross beams. They are usually rectangle with sturdy legs and doesn’t protect you from the rain. While a gazebo is a freestanding structure with a roof which protects you from the elements.

A popup tends to be cheaper than a pergola; they block out sunlight and rain. Due to, the constant exposure to the elements they are more prone to damage especially, in high winds.

While pergolas are built with open space on the roof that provides some shade, consequently, you don’t have to suffer from heat pocket that builds up under an enclosed shelter. Overall, a pergola is a stronger and better structure than pop-ups and is a great platform to grow vines.

A Pergola with polycarbonate sheets for a roof

Pergola with polycarbonate sheets

This is where price comes in, as the added expenses of polycarbonate sheets add to the already expensive pergola. If it’s protection from elements and relaxing, is the main reason for purchasing a pergola, then a polycarbonate sheets on the roof is needed.

The Climate

If you live in an area where its very sunny, then a pergola will provide the perfect amount of shade without the excessive heat, an enclosed roof a canopy let out, at the same time if you reside in a place where rain constantly falls, and your pergola doesn’t have polycarbonate sheets or a retractable roof, then a canopy provides better protection.

For Beauty

A pergola looks lovely in your patio and backyard; they look even better when you add vines and decorate them with flowers and potted plants. Although a pop-up doesn’t have vertical posts for vines to grow on, they are available in different colors which brighten up your yard.

In conclusion, it all comes down to your budget, intent, climate or which ones look the best in your yard. A pop-up gazebo is cheaper and protects the element, but, they don’t last long. While a pergola is expensive and without the roof you are exposed to rain but, they will last longer than a pop-up.

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