To get the best mower, you will first need to match the mower to your lawn. If you have a large lawn slope or wants an easier mowing then, you’ll need a self-propelled mower.

Self-propelled mowers are the simplest walk-behind mowers to use. Some instantly change speed to get the job done faster and efficiently.

For small flat lawns or a budget-friendly option, a push mower is an excellent choice. However, you must do the pushing, and some mowers don’t have side-discharge mode, and this can be a problem when mowing tall grass.

Smaller lawns require an electric mower since they are environmentally friendly, quieter, and need less maintenance. The run time is 35 to 50 minutes depending on grass conditions but they have limited power so you’ll have a hard time cutting taller grass.

Mowing Capabilities of Each Lawn Mower

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Electric mowers cut tall grass easily but keep in mind mowers with electrical cords require patience. You’ll have to manoeuvre the cord while mowing which, is annoying.

Further, determining the right mower cutting performance is another important consideration for homeowners. Most Mowers today are capable of mulching and bagging. So, make sure the mower of your choice evenly distributes clippings on the grass. If not, you’ll need to rake when you are finished.

With mulching, you’ll need the clippings to be fine and to go down in the grass where you can’t see them. But some″>mowersve clippers to the top of your lawn. Also, mulching mowers create a big ring of clippers which can damage your lawn.

Other Features Needed

There are also several features to consider when buying a lawnmower like a blade brake clutch is helpful if you stop and restart a lot to move objects.

This safety features are more expensive but allow you to let go of the handlebar and empty the grass bag without restarting the engine.

If your yard is hilly another feature to consider is rear-wheel drive. It gives better traction and can get up the hill. But without rear-wheel drive, your mower will struggle to get up the slope.

When using the bagging mode, you don’t want any clippings on the ground. Plus, you’ll want a mower that requires you to empty the bag fewer times as possible.

The Engine

Most engines start easily but, if you want an effortless start-up, a simple turn with the key does the trick.

These electric start mowers cost little. However, the engine will not charge the battery. So you’ll need a plugin charger between mowing or the battery will die.

Another handy feature is a washout port: it makes for quick and easy cleaning that will give you a better cut. Connect a garden hose to the port, turn on the water and run the mower in place for a few minutes.

Moreover, a comfortable handlebar with padded grips is much more comfortable to operate. Also, high power is no indication of better cutting performance. So, having a nice lawn takes time and effort and a good lawnmower.

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