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This question is the first thing someone asks before buying a hot tub. Many people think alcohol and hot tub pairs since this is what we see in movies.

However, there are some things you should know before drinking in your hot tub. Also, there are many cons we will cover in this post that is common sense, so let’s begin. 

If you are anything like me, you probably enjoy a nice cold beer, a cocktail or if you want to class it a bit, some wine while sitting in your hot tub but this may not be a good idea.


Hot tubs can cause you to sweat and dehydration. Sometimes you may not even know that you’re sweating when you’re sitting in a tub of water.

But dehydration will increase the effects of alcohol and a hangover. So to stop this from happening, make sure you drink more water than booze.

Heat Exhaustion And Passing Out

Hot tubs can expand your blood vessels, increase your body temperature, and alcohol does the same thing.

So if you’re starting to feel dizzy, nauseous, and tired while you’re soaking in the hot tub, drink water immediately and take a cool shower.

When soaking in a hot tub it is very relaxing also, when you’re drinking that can be relaxing too. This combination can cause you to fall asleep, stay in your hot tub too long, or even fall underwater and drowned.

Wild Behavior And Broken Glasses

Sometimes when drinking you do silly things and cause accidents. This is another reason you should not drink in a hot tub.

Broken glass after wild behaviour causes disasters. That’s why beer bottles, glasses and wine glasses should not be in your tub. So if you will drink, make sure you use either plastic cups or shatterproof glasses.

To conclude, don’t drink alcohol in your hot tub but you will still do this so take the extra precautions while drinking.

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