If you trim your lawn edges perfectly, you can change the look of your entire yard just by edging your beds like a pro.

While it is easy for some, it is difficult for many people, and some may have to spend money on experts. In this post, I’ll outline some tips to get your edges crisp and clean with a weed wacker to set your landscape apart.

The only tool you’re going to need to do this job is a string trimmer or weed eaters and sometimes called weed Wacker(USA). However, here in the UK, it’s known as strimmers the Rybor (I use) is an excellent strimmer because it is cordless, with long battery life and you can get into corners easily.

Don’t Allow Grass Clipping Into Your Bed

I always like to start on the upper part of the bed. Your average homeowner will start at the left-hand side of the bed while walking to the right. You are going to see your first problem here if you are blowing the grass clippings into the bed.

This is a common problem, to prevent this from happening start by standing in the same position but begin on the right-hand side and walk to the left.

What this does is keep the grass clippings away from your bed so, your bed can stay clean. In conclusion, if your grass clippings are going the wrong way, walk in the opposite direction.

Time To Fix The Edges

weed wacker for edges
Gardener with weedwacker cutting the grass in the garden

Now that you have finished the upper side of the bed, it’s time to cut into the edge. This seems like the easy part and is the most noticeable area of your bed.

However, before you can get started, put on your safety glasses. The way you hold your trimmer is a personal preference so, don’t be afraid to experiment and find something that works for you. When I’m holding the Strimmer under my arm, this position works great for me and I found it’s very comfortable.

If you are a newbie take your time, speed will come in time but don’t rush in, you are not a pro. You want to go slow so you can control the trimmer and get a good result. Also, you can walk forward or backwards since most directions do not indicate there is any wrong way to walk.

In fact, after some intensive research, some people prefer to walk backwards while other people like to walk forward. For me, walking forward feels natural when trimming edges.

Safety First When Trimming Edges with Weed Wacker

My final tip is on safety first: you should always wear safety glasses to protect your eyes when trimming. Since debris goes everywhere, and your eyes are important, a good set of glasses like ToolFreak Agent will give you the required protection.

Also, wear a long pants to protect your legs from rocks or any other kind of debris. Further, using shovel can help get your beds started with a clean edge.

Then for the rest of the season, all you need to use is your string trimmer to maintain a great looking edge. So, I hope you like this post and it has given you some useful tip for trimming your edges.