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According to the Lawn Institute topdressing is sand or sand mix that is placed on top of the soil. The benefits of topdressing include smoothing the surface of the lawn, decrease thatch buildup and overseeding.

But before you can top dress your lawn, you must choose which material you are using. The most common are plain topsoil as it’s the building block from most topdressing jobs. Another popular material for top dressing is sand which has become popular in the past few years and compost impede.

Picking the right material is not that easy but, you want to top dress with a material that’s compatible with what you’ve already got. Since you don’t want it to affect the drainage of your lawn soil.

Lawns with sandy, slit, chalky soils benefit from organic compost topdressing however, a mixture of loam, sharp sand and coir/peat/compost are recommended. While clay soil requires a mixture of sharp sand and compost to strive.

The Tools Need For Topdressing Your Lawn

You can use tools you already have like a wheelbarrow to carry the materials, a shovel or rake to spread but, this only works for smaller areas.

The Rocklin Industry Levelawn Tool is great for a medium section as it spreads the dirt quickly. Further, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this rake is a great option.

 To spread the topsoil in a large section with a rake only is difficult for any homeowner to accomplish. But you will achieve this with a small machine called a Meter-Matic Top Dresser.

What this machine does is spread topsoil sand or compost evenly and right into the grass. This machine is way too expensive to buy but, you can rent these as this is a great option if you’re trying to do a big area, that you can’t finish by hand.

The Process

topdressing lawn

Now, let’s go through the stages of how to top dress your lawn.

  • Mow your lawn very lightly to take the new growth off. Because you want the soil particles and the sand to drop between the grass blade and not bury it.
  • For small-medium areas, fill a wheelbarrow with the topsoil using your shovel.
  •  Empty the barrel in small convenient parts. Then use a steel rake upside down and spread the soil.
  • After, use your soil level back and forth across your lawn.
  • Make sure you can see the grass through the sand, remember grass needs sunlight to grow.
  • When you have completed, water your lawn as this sends the dressing at the base of the grass.

A common question- is how much top dressing do you need for your lawn? If you are placing 1 cm of topsoil on your lawn, then you’ll need one cubic meter for every sq meter of the lawn.

Topdressing is good for your soil however, you must have to perfect mixture for your soil composition. If you don’t, you may do more harm than good to your lawn.

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