Before you can have a garden, the first thing you need to do is till the land, however, if you can not afford to rent or buy a tiller. I will show you how to till your soil with a shovel and more importantly save yourself a lot of money.

The easiest way to till your garden is with a shovel using the double dig gardening method. Further, this technique was used for many centuries before gasoline-powered engines were invented.

There are several benefits to this simple method, but the downside is it requires a lot of work. When I’m using my shovel, I am getting a great workout as well as it allows me to rotate my soil each year (crop rotation) at a faster pace.

How To Till With A Shovel?

With a spade shovel, I use the”>Spearkson, which can take the weight of my soil without breaking. So, the first thing you need to do is dig a row, this is the row you are going to put your vegetable in.

Now, as you take the soil out of your first row, throw it off to the side on a tarp. Close to your third or fourth row, or whichever your last row will be.

After you remove the topf soil, make sure it is at least six inches deep. Then loosen up the second layer of the soil, with your shovel so your roots have more growth room.

Dig the second row about 6-10 inches away from your first row and take the soil from the second row and place them in the first row.

Why I Love This Simple Method

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The benefits of using your shovel to till the land are: when you throw the dirt in the row you can take out weeds and roots, so it will not be a problem later.

Another advantage to this farming is: when you’re using your tiller or tractor you’re chopping and crushing everything, including the earthworms.

These worms break down the leaves, vegetations,″>weeds</an important process of farming.

Over the years, the weight of your tractor or tiller compact the soil down, which harden the soil. Then when your vegetable roots hit that second layer of soil, they stop and start growing sideways.

This stunt the growth of your plant and it will not produce the fruit for the vegetables that it could if the roots had more space to grow.

One Last Tip When Double Dig Gardening Method

Here is one final tip I want to share: with the soil removed from the first row, put it close by on a tarp so you can use it for the last row.

Plus, next year if you don’t have a tractor or tiller, it will be easier because the soil is already loose.

So, this is how you till a garden with a shovel with the double dig gardening method.

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