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When removing your lawn mower spark plug, you should use a socket, but if you don’t have any, you can always use an alternative. In this post, I’ll give a few ways to remove your lawn mower spark plug without a socket.

You should inspect and service your lawn mower spark plug at least once a year. You can check it by the intensity of the electric discharge that is supplied to the plug, by the magneto or coils from the battery ignition system.
Here is an excellent video that will help your remove your mower spark plug without a socket.

The video shows Cafe Racer Garage using a can aluminium since he didn’t have the right size socket. He cut the edges and roll the aluminium to a circle and place the socket directly on the plug and turn it counterclockwise.

  • After you have loosened the plug with one turn, blow out any dirt and dust around the spark plug. This is very important as this recess picks up dust and debris.
  • Then, remove the plug and gasket, inspect the plug for any damage, burns or discolourations.
  • If it needs cleaning you can follow the instructions of the Lawnmowerpro.

Make Your Own Socket To Remove Your Spark Plug

This video depicts Genius Asian making a DIY spark plug. Some people commented and said it is a “Good Idea” so, give it a try.

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