Hanging outdoor Christmas lights are an excellent way to get your family and neighbours into the holiday spirit. While it is one of my favourite thing to do besides opening presents every year, I look for the best way to power them.

So, how to power outdoor Christmas lights? You can use the traditional Led lights with outdoor power sockets and extension cords or solar lights. Whichever, lights you are using in this post, I’ll provide you with instruction to complete your project.

Before hanging any Christmas lights, make sure there are no frayed ends or bare wires. If so, dispose of them immediately as they are fire hazards and it is better to replace them rather than risking a fire.

Also, when purchasing new lights ensure there are outdoor lights since trying to use interior lights on the exterior of your home is an easy way to blow a lot of fuses.

The Traditional Way Of Christmas Lights With Extensions

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A Christmas decoration snowman

Using Led lights powered with electricity is one of the cheapest ways to power your Christmas decor. Having an outdoor outlet with a 3-6 way adapter cord will allow you to connect as many lights to only one extension.

For this project, you can use the HULKER Extension, which is perfect for outdoors and overload protection. Further, check to see how many extensions cords you’ll need and make sure there are the three-pronged cords rated for outdoor use.

Now, before hanging your lights, check to see how much light you can string together. Older strands allow only three-strands at once. However, Led lights allows you to use as many strands your outdoor design demand.

When using a ladder to hang lights, it should be well-build and solid. Also, use exterior clips to keep the lights in place.

Solar Christmas Lights

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Solar Christmas lights are best to use where lights are in contact with direct sunlight. These include places like along your pathway, on trees and along the rooftop.

If you are wondering if solar lights will work in the winter according to Solar Centre it does. The panel will store sunlight and will use them during the night. There is no need to plug them to outlets, and you can connect as many strands as you desire.

There are a variety of inexpensive solar lights available at Amazon or your local stores. My favourite is the Unihoh solar bulb lights as it gives your Christmas decor a vintage home appearance.

To power Christmas lights the traditional way is with extensions and an outdoor outlet. Connect as many strands as needed to complete your design, plug it to your extension which must first plug into your outdoor outlet.

With solar lights, you don’t need any extensions because the sun will give you the required energy to power your lights at night.

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