Mowing a lawn should be easy, however, many homeowners and professionals make some simple mistakes when mowing a lawn. In this post, I’ll give you an idea on how to mow your lawn properly.

Inspect your Lawn Mowers

Before you start your Mower, there are a few things you should check, the first is the oil. You’ll want to check it while the engine is cold by opening it up, in there is a dipstick inside so make sure it’s up to the right level.

Why check it when the engine’s cold? When the engine is cold all the oil is drained down, you’re getting a proper reading. If you check it when it’s hot some of that oil could still be up in the engine.

But the worst situation is to run your engine with low oil. You could seize the engine. I also like to do- is check the gas and fill it up however be careful when you’re doing this if you spill gas on the lawn or an asphalt driveway it could kill the lawn or eat a hole in the asphalt.

Also, check the height of your wheels, I like to cut at 3-3 1/2 inches, you can see those numbers on your mower and set your wheels to the right height.

Check The Mower Blade Also

The next thing is to check the blade you should cut with a sharp blade so, when it cuts the grass it makes a nice clean cut. 

If you cut with a dull blade, it rips the grass and the tear the end this allows the fungus to grow into the grass. The Lawn Mower I have has a bag but, I only use it when the lawn is extremely long, wet, or if it’s a newly seeded lawn. Because if I don’t use a bag, clipping will cover up the new seeds and they won’t germinate.

If you don’t have a mower with a bag you can mulch, so all the clippings will stay underneath the deck of the blade, cutting them multiple times until they are small.

The Mowing Process- How To Mow Your Lawn properly

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  • With most modern mower there is a safety bar, have your hands on it before the mower start since it will shut down the engine if you let it go.
  • I like to rotate the section I am mowing every week to avoid leaving ruts in the lawn from the wheels.
  • After you make a turn, you want to overlap the cut a little so you don’t leave any uncut grass behind.
  • Also, when dealing with cobblestones, you want to get as close as you can but, not too close because if you hit it you could damage your blade. It’s better to come back later and clean it up with a string trimmer.
  • When you are dumping the bag, I like to put it either in a wheelbarrow and carry it over to the compost pile.
  • If the lawn needs to bed and there’s a drop in the grid, if your wheels go into that drop then your blade will lower and it will scalpel your lawn.

So making sure you don’t scalpel the lawn, stay a few inches away from the edge and come back with a string trimmer to clean it up.

Extra Guide For Beginners

  • Mow your grass tall, 3′ or above.
  • Mow your lawn once a week.
  • Sharpen your blade once every four use.

Don’t Mow your lawn too short

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One of the biggest mistakes of lawn mowing is to mow the lawn too short. The actual full edge of the grass is where the plant stores its water and if you mow the lawn tall, they will be more drought-tolerant and you won’t have to water the lawn as frequently.

Most lawn mowers have about five or six different settings on their lawnmower.

Some homeowners believe the highest setting is too high, and the lowest setting is too low. So they put it on the middle setting and in reality the highest setting is the appropriate setting.

 It is best to set the lawn at the highest setting and use a ruler to measure the mowing height.By raising the bar high to at least three inches your lawn will use less water, have better colour and promote deeper digging roots.

 Another important tip about lawn mowing is to mow the lawn once a week. By doing this, you don’t have to remove over 33% of the grass foliage per mowing.

Trimming is another aspect of lawn care that I often see being done improperly. I recommend trimming the edges at a ninety-degree angle instead of a forty-five degree.

The reason for this is if hedges are trimmed at a forty-five-degree angle, it creates an environment that allows crabgrass to grow.

I covered a lot of different aspects of how to properly mow the lawn however if you should take one tip away from this post it should be that mowing the lawn at three inches or taller is extremely important for the health of your lawn.