While some can afford a pump to make their compost tea others can’t. In this post, I’ll help you make compost tea without a pump. But before I can do this, I’ll give you some information on why compost tea is beneficial for your lawn.

Making your compost will give your lawn a wide range of micro-organism. Since buying a compost tea off the shelf would not give you the same effect of making a fresh tea. It takes a little time and money to make your own as far as beneficial goes, this is one of the best product you can apply to your lawn.

What Is Compost Tea And Why Not Straight Compost?

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Compost tea is compost that brewed in water, air and food source to get the beneficial micro-organism to grow a beautiful healthy lawn. The population of the micro-organism develops so fast that’s why you have to use the tea six hours after you brew it.

There are many books on lawn care that promotes top-dressing your lawn with compost. However, this is an only acceptable practice if you are growing a new lawn on pure sand as you’ll still have to integrate the compost in the soil rather than throwing it.

Without proper integration process, the compost will sit on top of the soil. Because of this, your soil will hold extra moisture and produce a soft soil on the tip of your lawn.

This creates a host of problems like water percolation problems, diseases, and unpredictable moisture stress on your lawn. So, by brewing compost tea, you are increasing the population of bacteria, fungi and filtering almost all the organic matter.

Hence, keeping your lawn well-drained and firm as well as gaining the benefits of compost.

How To Make Compost Tea Without A Pump?

For over ten years, I have made compost tea with a pump, but I have tried this method without the pump and have experienced no problem. The downside is it is very time-consuming, and turning the mixture every twenty minutes for ten hours hurt my hands.

  • Place your aeration diffuser into one of the five-gallon buckets.
  • Add 1/2 cup of molasses
  • Full the bucket approx five gallons of water.
  • 1/8 teaspoon of ascorbic acid to the water.
  • Add one cup of worm compost.
  • Add one cup of regular compost.
  • With a long stick stir it every 10-20 minutes for 10 hours- This gets oxygen into the water.
  • It is best to do this early in the morning.
This is where I get the technique

After Used and Important Notes

Once the tea has completed, its 24 hours brewed time it should smell sweet or has little to no smell. If it smells rotten or musty, then the anaerobic bacteria have taken over your tea.

With the stirring method, this happens when there is a lack of oxygen. Also, if there are insufficient bubbles within your diffuser or an additive within your tea. Never apply bad-smelling tea to your lawn. It is better to toss the mixture aside and clean your equipment to start over.

Above is the alternative method, if you don’t have a pump to make compost tea. However, it’s a risky technique, especially if you don’t get sufficient oxygen to the mixture. It is always better to buy a pump so you would not have any wastage.

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