One of my favourite time of the year is to decorate my pergola with string lights and a few lanterns. Every time I design my outdoor structure, I want to create an ambience and some mood lighting.

The best string lights are the Amabana Outdoor lights it has energy-saving features and heavy-duty flexible rubber strands. Further, it is easy to install, waterproof and long-lasting. The Amabana will create the perfect ambience that will mesmerize family and guests.

So, how to install pergola lights, hang them like Christmas lights with small hooks into your pergola beams. A rectangle shape will distribute the lights evenly and is overall my preferred designed.

Make sure they span the entire length of your pergola twice and connecting them on either side. Using an extension cord, plug them into your nearest outdoor outlet.

Steps to Install Pergola lights

  • Begin by measuring the path where you will add the lights. Choose a design that will evenly disperse the string lights (zig zags, crisscross, and board-lines are the most common).
  • Gather your string lights, and make sure you have enough length based on your measurements.
  • Layout and untangle the string lights.
  • Use your staple gun and start from the farthest point of the outlet since this prevents slacks at the end.
  • Continue stapling along the path you outline.
  • Plug the light into the nearest outdoor outlet.

How To Hang Lanterns To Your Pergola?

lantern for your pergola

Hanging the lanterns is the fun part. An excellent lantern is the Blue Glass Moroccan Style is breath-taking. With a durable metal frame, it will give your pergola a modern fancy look. When I hang lanterns, I usually use small chains with hooks holding them in place.

Not only those the chains keep the lanterns secure, but it also adds to the scenery, and I can change up the style whenever I want. For the lighting inside I’ve found these beautiful battery-powered candles that is safe and practical. The lanterns look like a light fixture and add a polished look to the pergola out on the deck.

Now, this is a space you’ll spend all Summer long as it adds the perfect lighting for your pergola.