Outdoor Christmas light decoration is a brilliant way to get you and your neighbour into the holiday season. I will give you some easy tips and tricks to make decorating outside with lights fun and to have the best house around.

Before you start, create an overall design plan so you can determine where you are hanging lights. Further, the focal point for any home is the pouch/patio and doors you can also place string lights on windows, bushes and trees.

Measure to know how many lights you’ll need for your patio doors and roof. For bushes and trees, the number of lights you’ll need is based on personal preferences.

Pro Tip: If you have any electrical questions about your house, it is a good idea to consult an electrician before starting.

What Types Of Lights You Would Need To Decorate Outside?

With the design plan in place now, it is time to think about the lights you will need. There are tons of lights to choose from, and it’s not just all about the colours.

White Christmas lights can create a timeless look while multi-coloured lights are fun and festive. Similarly, you can also combine them for a more complex design. Not all white lights have the same hue some give off a warm yellow glow while others have an icy blue.

Many led lights offer the option to switch between coloured and white on the same strand. Popular Christmas lights include string, icicles, net, spot, large bulb lights and pathway lights.

Installing Permanent Anchor Plugs

Anchor plugs will last very long, but it involves drilling holes into the brick’s mortar. You will need plastic plugs, and since Christmas lights are not heavy, a smaller size will work just fine.

Dress in the protective gears like your safety glasses and gloves. Drill holes and push a plug into the holes every time. Then, add hooks into the plugs and, be careful when screwing in the hooks as you can damage the plugs.

  • Plug size: 332 in (0.24 cm) in diameter. 
  • Drill bit: 1364 in (0.52 cm) bit 

Last thoughts

The best way to hang Christmas lights on brick walls is with brick clips but, if you can’t access these clips, you can always drill or use hot glue. Further, with drills, you can damage your mortar, so be careful with this method.

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