Is your lawn a total disaster with dead grass, weeds, disease and all kinds of problems? Then you are in the right place, today I’ll help you repair your lawn in a series of steps that could transform your lawn to something you can brag about.

So, how do you Fix a Patchy And Weedy Lawn?

  • By killing the weeds.
  • Aerating your lawn.
  • Planting new seeds.
  • Fertilizing your lawn.
  • Consistent aftercare.

The Best Time To Renovate Your Lawn

The fall is the best time of year to do a lawn renovation because temperatures are cooler and you won’t need as much water. You can start the second week of September because it’s best to fix your lawn when the temperature drops and as summer is finished.

Secondly, you must kill all the weeds in your lawn. This step is very easy to complete once you have the right product. The Elixir Gardens Barclay Gallup Commercial Strength Weedkiller works the best and I’ve tried many products but always have to revert to this weedkiller since it kills the weeds, not the grass.

For worn-out lawn, the next step is to add some seeds. One of the simplest ways to do this is to aerate your lawn. An aerator is an inexpensive piece of equipment that punch holes into the soil. This allows water and air to get down into the root system.

Adding New Seeds And Germination

lawn repair

Additionally, those small holes act like little perfect planter so, when you put down grass seed it’ll go into the holes. Aerate is easy to do compared to a lot of other very intensive methods and takes at least a day to finish.

With your weeds under control, and your aeration is done, you’re all set to add some new seeds to your lawn. Now, the good news is when you are going to seed the area, you can put it in a broadcast spreader and roll it around your lawn.

When the seeds hit the holes, it will germinate since the holes have little grass plugs, that will spread and take over your lawn in a wonderful way.

As a result, this is the fastest way to get good germination for your seed. In some areas you will not get perfect germination however, you can rake that area to get seeds in a bit more.

What Kind Of Seeds To Use To Fix Your Lawn?

For the seeds, you can use whichever mix you like. However, pick one kind of seeds and stick with it, one of the biggest mistake homeowners make is buying different seeds and brands each year. By switching, you will end up getting patchy lawn.

Then, apply starter fertilizers by following the directions, this will help your seeds with germination. Remember starter fertilizers is specifically designed for new lawns if you use a regular fertilizer you can risk burning out the seed.

Overall Maintenance After Lawn Repair

New seeds need to stay as wet as possible, that’s why you must water your seeds in the morning before you go to work and then water them when you get home. If you have someone at home to water them in the middle of the day, then that’s great too.

After about eight weeks your lawn is established, and that’s when you want to start regular mowing. It’s an excellent practice to mow at least once a week since regular mowing makes a big difference in how your lawn looks and its overall health.

The next step is fertilization, you will want to fertilize your lawn about every six weeks during the growing season. Also, you’ll want to use a good quality fertilizer. The Empathy products have worked great for me and I’m happy with their results.

If you have followed these steps, you will have a beautiful healthy lawn without patches and brown spots. I am positive you will be happy with the overall appearance.

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