When you think of fabric and designs, don’t limit yourself to interior designs and pillows. Other popular designs for gazebo owners are using fabric as curtains, beautiful drapes mix with flowers, and fairy lights.

The first step is choosing the perfect fabric that will not only look good in your gazebo but can withstand the outdoors and the elements. I recommend using sheer, jersey knit, Velvet & Lycra fabrics since they are a popular choice for draping and swagging. It is best to purchase a small amount of fabric you are considering and hang it on your gazebo as you may notice the ones you like in the store may not be your favorite when you take them home.

While white is the first color to buy, it may not be a favorable choice, especially if you want to add a color element to your decor. Once you have found the perfect fabric, it’s time to measure.

Measure To Find Out How Many Yards You’ll Need

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The next step in the project calculating how many yards of fabric you’ll need. Be sure to measure your gazebo and write down the dimension before heading to the store. If you are not familiar with the fabric measurements, the specialist at the store will help you with it based on your dimensions.

Stick with areas that are low maintenance, usually places near the roof of your gazebo or to the sides. By doing this, you can prevent falls or fabric from getting in the way of your dining or relaxing. Above all, preparation is an important step: this means making sure your gazebo is clean, free from debris.

Do not decorate the gazebo with fabric during the winter and take them down before snowfall.

It’s Time For Decorating Your Gazebo With Fabric

There are many ways you can use fabric in your gazebo. These include draping, curtains, and ceilings fabrics.


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Draping is an excellent way to add and combine colours to your gazebo. Start by stapling fabric to the centre of the ceiling to the outer edges of your gazebo. You can also let them hang at the side with flowers.


Hang the fabric like you would do interior curtains, remember to secure them so the wind can’t blow them away. Hide any imperfections with more fabric or flowers.

Ceiling Fabric

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For designs that are within your gazebo, add ceiling fabric draps to offer an intimate setting. These are great for outdoor dining and parties with family and friends. Also, it’s perfect for date night. You can even add string lights for ambient lighting.

Decorating with fabrics is one of the cheapest options to add beauty to your gazebo. Something as simple as draping can change your gazebo appearance. However, remember to measure your structure so you can purchase enough fabric to complete your project.

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