It is time to buy your first hot tub, and you are wondering how much is it the cheapest hot tub. After all, the big brand hot tub companies don’t always list prices on their website.

Because once you walk into a showroom, you’re much more likely to buy a hot tub on the spot. However, that doesn’t help you, especially if you are on a budget.

So in this post, I’ll help you find the cheapest hot tub of all the major brands and their prices.

Hot Tubs That Last 2-5 Years

The prices of hot tub inflatables run from £200-£1000 they are very budget-friendly. Also, people buy an inflatable before purchasing an expensive version.

A roto-moulded tub’s prices range from £2500-£4000 they are made from a moulding process of powdered high impact polyethene polymer. These hot tubs are very durable and portable.

Hot Tubs That Last Decades

Hot tubs on average can cost between £4000- £8500, some people spend as much as £15000. But, you can get a hot tub for as little as £2000.

The average hot tub owner spends about £5000 on a hot tub that fits 6-8 people with delivery and installation included in the price.

The two major hot tub brands are Jacuzzi and Sundance Spas however if you look at their website, you’ll see that they’re almost identical.

They are the same company Jacuzzi bought Sundance Spas awhile ago so, their websites and price structure look the same.

The Cheapest Hot Tubs

The average beginner to the mid-range hot tub will cost between £4000- £8000. So, what kind of hot tub you are getting for this cheap price? You may get cheaper insulation, which makes the hot tub less energy efficient.

This means more of the heat will escape, and the heater is going to work harder to heat the water to the temperature that you set it. This will cost you more on your electric bill each month.

On average, most hot tubs, especially the energy-efficient ones, will only add about £20 a month to your electric bill.

The best time of year to buy a hot tub from the showroom will be sometime around late September through late December. That’s when they’re trying to unload all of that year’s inventory to make room for the new inventory.

Popular Brands Price Breakdown

Jacuzzi and Sundance Spas are broken- down in several price ranges. Starting with a basic model is about £4000, then economy is more like £8000,

A mid-range price can be up to £12000, a premium kind of high end for about £15000 and then £16000 and up for luxury hot tubs. It is a lot harder to find pricing information because they want you to walk into the showroom.

Then, there are the hot spring spas they have a similar price structure as Jacuzzi and Sundance Spas.

So, the very lowest will be about £7000. Furthermore, the Economy model is more like £15000 and for the mid-range probably £12000.