Mowing your lawn is vital since most homeowners rely on their lawn as the first thing visitors notice. However, there is a “too late” when mowing, especially if you want to maintain a good relationship with your neighbours.

So, how late is too late to mow your lawn? Around 8 pm is considered “too late” to tidy up your lawn. Because your neighbours are having dinner or putting their kids to bed.

Your lawn will also suffer by mowing late- they may not have time recover leaving them vulnerable to mould and disease.

The best and worst times of day to mow your lawn

Early morning between 6-8 am is not a good time to mow your lawn because it is still wet with dew. For the ideal cut, your grass must stand tall. If your grass is damp it will lie down causing uneven cut leaving them unprotected.

From 8 to 10, am is the perfect time to cut your lawn as the dew is all dry up and your grass is standing tall. With a sharp blade, you’ll achieve a flawless cut. Plus, at 8-10 am your neighbours are leaving work or atleast started their day.

At 10 am-2 pm and 2 pm–4 pm, your lawn is busy with photosynthesizing and is stressed. This is the worst time to trim, but it is better than early mornings.

Late in the afternoon around 4-6 pm is the second-best time to mow your lawn. The midday temperature has dropped, giving your grass ample time to recover. Also, your neighbours are on their way home.

A Rule Of Thumb For Mowing

mowing lawn

Too often, homeowners allow their grass to get very overgrown, and then try to cut it low all at once. This causes a lot of stress on the grass, and it will not make it any greener. If your grass is growing at its prime growing season, then mow your lawn once a week in the spring or fall.

If you have warm-season grass, in the middle of summer mow your lawn more than once a week. Also, you must follow the one-third rule, where you cut off one-third of the grass blade at a time.

Mowing To The Correct Height

Besides mowing frequency, you want to make sure you are mowing your grass at the correct height. Most experts recommend that you mow your lawn when it is three inches in height.

Lastly, make sure your blades are sharp on your mower, this is an important aspect of mowing since a razor-sharp blade gives your lawn a clean cut.

There is a “too late” for mowing your lawn that is, after 8 pm as your grass will take a longer time to recover. Plus, you may interrupt your neighbour’s dinner or sleeping schedule.

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