Halloween decorations always take me back to the seven-year-old kid who eagerly awaits for all the chills Halloween brings. For years I have stuck to the traditional lights and pumpkins associated with the holiday.

But for the past two years, I’ve been digging into Halloween window projections to add more scares to my neighbours. It has been a big hit with my yearly trick-a-treaters. So much so, they always ask how I set up this eye-catching display.

In this post, I’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to set up a Halloween window projection. It is by far my favourite holiday decor and believe it or not, one of the easiest display to set-up.

The Projector

One of the most important materials you’ll need for your Halloween window design is a projector. The good news is there a lot of affordable projectors available like the Bomaker 6000  it has wifi set-up, and the picture quality is impressive.

I recommend buying a projector with 1800+ lumen because a brighter bulb will make your illusion more realistic. For resolution, you can either use a standard or high definition projector.

Also, each projector has different throw distances- this is the measure of the image you projected. Based on how far from the surface you are showing the clip-on. For instance, one projector may cast a high-quality image from a distance of 5ft away while another will cast an image 4ft.

The more distance between the projector and the projector surface the larger the image.

Decorating The Window

Untitled design 10 min

Decorating your window makes the set-up even convincing to the kids and your neighbours. Anyone who is passing by your home will think it is hunted and infested with the undead.

The simplest way to set-up your window is with a translucent white material to hang around your window frame. If you don’t use any material to capture the image, your layout will look mediocre.

You can also use a thin white bed sheet or curtain to display the clip. If you want an even better result try using the Docooler projector screen.

The Process- Setting Up A Halloween Window Projection

After hanging the translucent white curtain or projector screen, it is time to line up the projector. The first thing to do is distance the projector from the window because you want the image the fill your window viewable.

Now it is time to add your digital display by AtmosFEARfx they have a variety of clips to choose from.

If you leave any space at the top or bottom of the window, it will ruin the illusion. Don’t worry if some images are not in the display since it features all the best images in the middle of the screen.

When your projector is in place, turn off the lights and let the magic happen. You can enhance your window display by adding physical props like cobwebs.

A Halloween window projection creates a scary atmosphere. By hanging up a thin white bed sheet or curtains, a projector with your digital display and turning off the lights, you can create an epic show.

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