To secure polycarbonate roofing, you can use a one-shot or a polycarbonate wood screws multi-wall fasteners. A one-shot polycarbonate fastener has a washer at the bottom and is one of the easiest fasteners to use.

The wood screws fasteners have a larger washer with a super-sized thread to cut its oversize expansion hole. Further, they both require an 8mm bit.

To secure a polycarbonate roof, the fasteners must penetrate at least one inch into the structure.

How To Use A Polycarbonate Fasteners to Secure your Poly roof.

Over sized Washer

To install the one-shot fasteners, position the bottom washer to the ridge of the roof. Then, Use the drill on it’s slowest speed and screw down the fasteners until the washer compresses the sheet.

When installing a multi-wall fastener, positioned it at the ridge of the sheet and screw it. After, press down the sheet to compress and remember not to screw the fastener too tight.

Securing your polycarbonate roofing is very important since it protects you from the elements and makes an excellent roofing system to your gazebo or pergola.