A witch cauldron is a classic Halloween decoration you see a lot in yards and commercial business. Plenty of people do props like these, and if you wanted to try it, there are a few essential materials needed to complete this project.

Therefore, here are the items you must have to build a witch’s cauldron: paint, a teepee, a fireplace, lighting, fog effect, and let’s not forget the witch kettle. However, you do not have to use all the parts I will mention below as any one props will make a fun Halloween decoration.

Painting And Decorating The Cauldron

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The witch’s cauldron is one of the most important props you’ll need, you can find them at basically every Halloween store. The Boland XXL is a perfect size for this project.

Adding extra paint will give it a base coat, you can use black spray paint to achieve this. It may look like a waste of time however, it acts as a primer so additional effects will remain on the cauldron.

To make the prop looks like it is bubbling over, you can use oats mixed with craft glue. For this to work, make sure there is more glue than oats so it can stick to the kettle. After allowing the oats mixture to dry, this can take two hours; add an extra layer of glue to secure everything.

You can also paint the oats green so it can resemble rotting brains and frogs.

Optional- If you want a rust appearance, you can dab on brown and black paint to the kettle.

Making The Tepee To Accommodate The Cauldron

One the cheapest way to make teepee like structure is with bamboo this technique is super easy to complete. To build: take two bamboo sticks and place them parrel to each other.

Then take you another stick and put it perpendicular to the first two sticks. After with strings, tie them together, raise it and pull the legs apart. If my explanation a bit confusing check out the video I posted above.

To hang the cauldron, you can use lightweight chains. For this project, you’ll need three sets of chains. Then drill some holes into corners, open the chain up and place it into the cauldron.

Fake Fire Place

A fireplace makes it looks like a brewing cauldron and it looks more realistic. You can use expanding spray foam and orange string lights. The spray foam is a brilliant way to create a pile of coals, and you can embed the lights into them.

It takes a few hours for the foam to set, then you can use black and red spray paint to give the illusion of burning coals.

Tip: On the string lights spray the foam and wait for it to dry.

The Fog

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The fog makes the witch’s cauldron complete. To accomplish this you’ll need an ultrasonic fogger. These foggers are great because it uses minor power and makes a lot of fog.

Since the cauldron is hanging, you don’t have to use a ton of water also, to get the best effect you will need two foggers in the kettle.

A witch’s cauldron is a classic Halloween prop that is surprisingly very cheap to make and will give your outdoor decor a creepy atmosphere.

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