Adding Halloween hologram to your indoor or outdoor exterior will enhance your visitor’s experience.

Here I’ll show you how to create fantastic hologram-like illusions in doorways, hallways, or even your yard. Spook your guests with a ghost that materialises out of thin air; however, these aren’t actually holograms, but it’s the next best thing.

Halloween Hologram Is Very Easy To Setup

They are very easy to set-up just hang a semi-transparent white material where you want the hologram to appear. Then, project any digital decoration you want on the mesh.

The key to this project is finding the right material to project the image. Some inexpensive options are bridal mash, mosquito netting and screens -you can find most of these at your local fabric store.

 I suggest you bring a flashlight with you to the store to test out how the lights react to the fabric. It’s also essential that the materials are translucent because it’s an illusion and you don’t want your guests to know it’s even there.

Make sure to stretch the material flat before setting up the projector to avoid any distorted display.

Decorating Outdoors

 If you’re decorating outside, you can put up a simple frame to attach the mash to an arch. Furthermore, if you want something pre-made, you can find an inexpensive arch at your local garden or home improvement store.

It’s time to position your projector- for this illusion you can purchase either a front or rear projector, it all depends on the space you’re working with.

Keep in mind,  if you project the display from the front, your projection will likely spill onto your background and create a double image. So, try projecting from the rear and find a spot where your guests won’t notice the projector.

Less Lighting For The Illusion

Halloween holograms work best in the dark, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any lit element as long as you keep them behind your mesh fabric.

The more object you are lighting in the background, the further your mash will disappear. So, don’t go overboard with the floodlight as the ambient light will wash out your projection.

To conclude, adding Halloween holographic display to your decor will add a spooky scenery. For outdoors find an area with there is low lighting and to hang the material flat.

You can buy ready-made displays at AtmosFEARfx.

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