Without lights, there is no way to brighten up your Halloween decorations, especially at night. Colours like orange, green, purple and blue are commonly used during the season.

So, how do you light up your yard for Halloween? Well, it depends on your decor, for instances, floodlights and spotlights illuminate decorations on the ground such as graveyards, coffins, skeletons and zombies. While strings led lights and lanterns light up walkways, window, doors and roof frames.

Floodlights And Spotlights

lights for Halloween

Floodlights are good when you have a large area to illuminate, there are many options with different colours. The best colours to use for Halloween are orange, purple/blue and green.

Orange represents the colour of falling leaves, pumpkin and candy corn. While green is great for illuminating lanterns, a mad scientist laboratory, a witch’s cauldron and monsters.

Further, the purple/blue simulates a creepy glow in a graveyard and will take your spookiness to another level. The Mobri does just that it is super bright with twenty modes and timing functions. They offer you a 90-day money-back and two years warranty.

 LED String Lights (bulb and Halloween theme lights)

string light for Halloween

For Halloween LED string lights, brighten pathways, window and roof frames thus, it is not only a favourite for Christmas alone. Like the floodlights, focus on colours like orange, green and purple/blue as it enhances your decor further.

The Ollny String Lights are perfect for these occasions, it changes into sixteen colours to accent your creepy Halloween decor. Plus, they feature a remote control with a timer and flexible to fit into every decor scheme.

No matter your Halloween decorations, lights play an important role and determines the overall atmosphere of your decor. Some people rely on flood and spotlights to illuminate Halloween decorations on the ground, while LEDs and string lights help brighten up the decor on your home.

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