Edging around a tree creates an amazing view and making trimming around a tree easier. Also, to create an edge, to add mulch and control the moisture around the tree a bit better.

The reason you are creating an edging for a tree is to give it a bit of space and to keep the lawn away. Also, you don’t want your lawn to compete with the room space of the tree.

So In this post, I’ll give guide to installing edging around a tree as well as maintenance.

How To Install A New Edge Around A Tree

Here I’ll give you a simple guide to installing a “new” edge around a tree. All the tools you’ll need are a hammer, plastic pegs, edge ring, hex saw for cutting the edge and a shovel.

Optional: Edge ring and plastic pegs.

  • Dig a little way further from the tree before you lay the edging.
  • When you are happy with the trench width, measure the edge ring to fit around the edge and cut with the hex saw.
  • Peg the joint first, then evenly distribute the pegs.
  • Below I’ll further discuss the cleaning, maintenance and mulching.

Maintenance: Weed Removing and Adding More Mulch

edge around tree
Mulch Tree

If you want to redefine the edge on your tree or do some landscaping then, that’s what I’m going to discuss here.

Let’s talk about the tools you will need to complete this process. You can start with a rake or a hand rake to pull the old mulch around the edge. From there, you can dig around the edge to redefine the area.

Secondly, if you have some weeds, it’s nice to use a Fiskars Xact Weed Puller tool for more stubborn weeds that won’t come out easily. However, you don’t have to pull out all of it because you can cover this with mulch since it will hold down most of the weeds, anyway. 

The most important tool is to have something that will redefine the edges. I like using the Spear & Jackson edging knife that I bought last year it works very well to create an edge around the tree.

But, if you don’t have an edging tool, a flat shovel or spade can create a nice sharp edge. Then after this is done, you’ll probably have to use a strimmer or weed eater for that added neatness.

One last thing, you’ll need a lawn bag or disposal bags to get rid of the dirt or weed. Also, in the end, you may want to put down some kind of mulch. I usually picked up some from Lowes however, you can use any product to put a thin layer of mulch down after you have completed the edge.

The Process

  • The first thing you are going to do is remove the weeds.
  • Once you have completed, you are going to take the rake and along the existing edge remove all the old mulch.
  • From here, use the existing edge as a guide and cut a new line around the tree with your edging tool.
  • Be careful when you are edging because you don’t want to damage any of the existing tree roots.
  • Watch for those as you’re cutting and don’t go too crazy putting a lot of pressure down on the tool.
  • After creating your fresh edge line, remove all the excess dirt and grass.
  • You can lightly rake the soil to make sure there is a nice slope from the tree trunk to the trench.
  • You want to do this so that water runs off properly and you don’t have a bunch of water pooling in the middle area of the tree trunk.
  • With a strimmer or weed eater, go around the whole edge of the tree.
  • From here, you can add a light layer of the new mulch.

 Edging a tree is important since it gives the tree room to grow and makes trimming your lawn a lot easier. Furthermore, I hope this post was helpful and good luck!