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A Coleman gazebo provides the perfect shade for every outdoor get-togethers and event. It is easy to pitch and protects you from the sun and light rain. 

It also gives you a great 360 view of your backyard and one of the best place to relax. In this post, I’ll share with you a step-by-step guide on how to erect a Coleman Gazebo.


How To Setup An Event Shelter Fast Pitch

Now, Let’s begin:

  • Layout the side poles, corner poles and roof poles.
  • All Coleman gazebos have an easy to pitch poles connected with chains.
  • Start by connecting the roof poles and assemble each side poles sections.
  • Then attach each side section with the roof poles.
  • Next, extend the corner holders and connect side poles with corner poles.
  • Once you have finished the frame, connect the footing and Velcro each side of the flysheet to the frame.
  • Lift the legs halfway and clip the canopy to the corners.
  • Peg in the corners, then lift legs to a comfortable height.
  • Finally, peg out the guide ropes and your gazebo are ready to use.

Here’s is a step-by-step video for all the visual folks:

This video took me at least 30 minutes to find.

Assembling The Event Shelter Deluxe


  • Remove the shelter from the bag and assemble the steel poles.
  • Lay the flysheet flat and pass the colour-coded poles through the mash sleeves.
  • Begin with the red poles and click the poles into the try knuckles.
  • Insert the yellow poles into the yellow coded mash sleeves and click it into the central hub.
  • Then, for the last pole, drop the shelter down, click into place and lift back up.
  • Insert the poles into the base hubs, clip the flysheets into the poles and put the hook into the base, then tighten.
  • Use the webbing to square the Deluxe shelter, when squared peg the base hubs and remove the webbing.
  • Peg out the bottom of the flysheet 45 degrees from the guideline.

Erecting Coleman Event Shelter L, M , XL And Pro

  • Remove the shelter from the carry bag.
  • Assemble the poles, leaving the bottom section of the leg post loose.
  • Push the poles into the knuckles to create the frame.
  • Pull the flysheet over the frame and use the Velcro straps to secure it to the poles.
  • Extend the leg poles sections and push the poles in the base hubs.
  • Clip and buckle the flysheet along the leg sections.
  • Then, secure the pegs in the holes of the base hubs.
  • Position the structure webbing to ensure the shelter is squared.
  • When correctly squared, pegged the outer hole of the base hubs.
  • Extend and adjust the guidelines pegging it 45 degrees from the outer guidelines.
  • Finally, remove the webbing.

Instructions taken from Coleman Official UK Website.

How To Pack Away

Make sure all your Velcro straps are undone and your pegs are out of the ground. Remove and fold up the flysheet, disconnect the side poles, corner poles and roof poles.

Once every side is disconnected, place the poles, flysheet and pegs into the carry bag.

A Coleman gazebo has plenty of shade, space and is one of the simplest gazebos to erect. 

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