For this post, we’re going to talk about some common problems tub owners may face and how to troubleshoot them. So, there are five simple problems you may encounter with your hot tub- heating, cloudy water, jets not working properly, control panel error, and pump making funny sounds.

However, water and filter care will help solve a lot of these hot tub problems.

Make sure your water has the perfect PH, alkalinity and good sanitizer levels. Also, rinse your filters at least once a week and use a filter cleaner at once a month.

Hot Tub heating problem

 Most hot tubs have adjustable jets, and if this is the problem, you can play around with it by opening or closing them to solve the error. Also, make sure they’re open all the way.

If you are refilling your hot tub, chances are you might have an airlock. Providing that’s the case you can remove the front panel and adjust the two unions on your pump to let a bit of air out.

 Your jets are not working properly

hot tub problems

Most hot tubs have adjustable jets and if this is the problem, you can either open or close them. Also, make sure that they’re open all the way and if you are refilling your hot tub.

Chances are you might have an airlock and if that’s the case you can remove the front panel and adjust the 2 unions on your pump to let a bit of air out.

Cloudy Water In Your Hot Tub

There is nothing more frustrating than going to your hot tub to see cloudy water coming out from your hot tub jet. Luckily for you, this is easy to fix.

What Causes Cloudy Water:

  • Environmental Debris.
  • Wrong Chemical Balance.
  • Food and Drinks.
  • Dirty Filters.
  • Lack of Maintenance.
  • Poor Sanitation.
  • Hygiene and Beauty products.
  •  Lack of sanitizer including chlorine.

Now, we know what causes cloudy water in a hot tub we can avoid it. However, if your hot tub is already cloudy I have three cures that can help you fix it.

First, you should test the water to make sure the PH and your alkalinity are balanced. That means a PH between 7.4 – 7.6 and alkalinity between 80 and 125 PPM.

Then, make sure the sanitizers are at the proper level and clean your filters immediately.

Clarifier turns your hot tub from cloudy to clear but make sure to add the clarifier to the hot tub when the jets are running, and the air valves are turned off.

To conclude, ensure you have good water chemistry, this will solve your hot tub water cloudiness.

Control Panels Error

If your control panel in your hot tub is displaying an error code then there are five error codes you might run into. The first, is FLO or FLC due to improper flow going through your hot tub.

To Fix this- Make sure your hot tub is filled at the proper level. Also, ensure your filters inside your hot tub are clean or if they are old, it’s time to replace them. Other than that it could be your pump itself but check those two things first before you think it’s your pump.

Another error code (0H) is overheating -if your hot tub overheats to over 180°F you may have a problem with your temp sensor. However, if it’s cooler than 108 and still reading 108, it might be your high limit sensor that is malfunctioning.

D. R. or dry–is a common error code you might find with your hot tub. This means there’s not enough water getting to your heated element. So, make sure the water in your tub is at the proper level. Further, ensure your filters are clean or if you need to replace them hire a professional to do this.

COOL- If your water temperature is 20 degrees below the temperature you set your tub. To solve this problem, you can add your hot tub cover on and let it heat.

S. N. A. or S. N. B.- This error means sensor A or sensor B has gone bad. Now, you can check those two sensors attached to the circuit board to see if it’s working.

But if they’re good, it might be the entire circuit board that is not working. If you’re unsure, hire a professional and, they will take care of it.

Pump Making Funny Sounds

If your pump is making some weird loud noises, then the bearings in your motor are going bad, and it’s about to cease. You can get the motor and bearing replaced.

But, it actually can end up costing you as much as getting an entirely new pump so, I recommend just getting a brand new pump for your hot tub.

Now you have solutions for five common problems your hot tub may encounter. But some can be avoided by maintaining proper water chemistry and cleaning your filters regularly.

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