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You can have bubbles in your pool but, if it accumulates then, you’ve got a problem. Pool foam is easy to get rid of and even easier to prevent. So what causes pool foam? Foam in your pool means there’s a high organic load in the water. In other words, there is organic material that your sanitizer can’t dissolve and this causes the water to thicken.

When the pool water is agitated by swimmers or your pool filter system, bubbles are formed. The surface of those bubbles contains thick organic buildup and instead of popping they stay on the surface and become foam.

What Causes Pool Foam?

  1. A lot of people using your pool.
  2. Pool Chemicals.

How To Fix Pool Foam?

  • Balancing Pool chemistry.
  • Rinse out before entering the pool.
  • Pool Deformer (temporary fast fix)

Hair and Body Products And How-To Fix

Haircare products and other toiletries, for example, deodorant lotion, makeup perfume, body spray leave behind organic contaminants in your pool water. The residue in your hair shampoo and conditioner can build up and increase pool foam.

You can prevent that build-up by washing off before you swim, even after shampooing. Now if you have a lot of products in your hair like gels or moisturizers- rinse your hair before entering your pool.

If you’ve already got a foam problem, you can fix that by adding pool stock with chlorine. This eliminates contaminants and brings your pool water back to its clear state.

Too Much People Using Your Pool

When many people are using your pool they leave behind residue. Multiply that by the number of people using your pool, then add other contaminants like their body fluids.

You can prevent it by making a rule that anyone using your pool has to rinse off. And if you’ve already got the foam problem, then again use a pool shock.

Pool Chemicals And Water Chemistry

So, what if it’s not people contaminating your pool that’s causing the problem? Let’s talk about chemical and water chemistry.

Test and balance your pool water with test strips or liquid test kit. Then balance the alkalinity-it should be between 100- 150 PPM with 125 PPM being the ideal level.

The PH level (if necessary) should be between 7.4 and 7.6 with 7.5 being ideal. Also, balance the calcium hardness level it should be between 175- 225 PPM in vinyl and fibreglass pools and between 200 to 175 parts PPM for concrete and plaster pools.

Finally, balance the sanitizer levels, this is based on whichever sanitizer you are using and according to manufacturer’s directions. Once the water is balanced wait a few hours to see whether the foam has disappeared.

After balancing the alkaline, PH and sanitizer levels and the foam is still present, you can shock the pool

Pool Water Foam Preventions

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You can prevent pool foam by testing your water frequently and keeping it balanced. Cheap chemicals can destroy your pool chemistry, so buy supplies from reputable brands. Pay attention to your calcium hardness levels because if CH levels decrease the water becomes too soft, and this encourages pool foam.

You can fix this by adding calcium hardness increaser or calcium chloride to your pool. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the right dosage.

Another reason your pool has foam is by adding algaecide when there are no algae since this will thicken the water and create foam. Also, adding too much algaecide will increase the problem. Look for algaecide sixty as it wouldn’t produce any foam.

Pool foam is an easy fix and may clear up days after balancing your pool chemistry and while you wait- scoop off all the foam in your pool. If you are looking to get rid of foam in minutes, you can use a pool deformer. It’s a quick cure for pool foam but it only treats the symptoms, not the causes.

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