Making your front yard look expensive is a lot of work. Something I was not ready for, as I mention in my last landscaping post, I was a bit tight on money, and I could not afford to pay a professional to do the work for me, so I improvised. While I can’t make my front yard look the way I wanted, I can still look around for some inexpensive ideas.

Stones are such a cheap outdoor decor that can transform your yard from plain to splendid. Another addition that costs little was bright flowers. It is easy to maintained and lends beauty and colour to your outdoor setting. Like boxwood, which makes the perfect foundation plant and comes in a variety of sizes. They are great for mixing and matching with different flowers shape and colours.

Window Boxes And Wheelbarrows

Flowers and window boxes add a home feeling to your yard. It brings back memories of being a kid and of my parents. They are easy to make as there are many videos on YouTube you can follow. You can mix it with perennial flowers that offer year-round greenery.

Wheelbarrow planters are a lovely addition to your front yard. While it’s the best option for the countryside, you can still plant a few ivy and flowers. The best way to save money is by going low maintenance like cheap flowers.

Succulent Stone Planters and Stone Decor

Succulent is a thick plant that retains water as a result, they are considered one of the easiest plants to maintain. They are available in a variety of colours and will make your front yard look very expensive. One of my favourite designs is lining them with beautiful colourful stones with spotlights to highlight its features at night. To create the best breathing grounds for succulent, choose a soil with good drainage and allow the soil to dry between watering.

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Add Pathway Lights

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Pathway lights offer both security and decorative appeal. There are many benefits to adding pathway lights to your front yard since it creates the perfect lighting so your guest would not trip and fall.

Besides this, it accents your home, allows you to enjoy your hard work of landscaping at night. For instance, the Stilllike Outdoor solar lights offer dusk to dawn automatic turn off. No wires or screws required making it beginners friendly.

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Lawn Trimming

Keeping your lawn low and tidy is an excellent way to have your front yard looking like it’s worth a million pounds. It is best to purchase a lawnmower and upkeep your yard yourself. The best time to trim is from 8 to 10 in the morning. The RHS suggests mowing your lawn when your grass is 6-13mm in height, as very high lawns are difficult to mow.

Big Trees and Water Fountains

Don’t be afraid to experiment with water, a simple but stylish fountain can enhance your outdoor settings. If you can, try building it yourself as there are hundreds of videos available online for just that. Large to medium trees take up space and require minimal maintenance, even though you still have to trim you can add string lights or lanterns to add ambience.

Complement Your Driveway

If you need to complement your driveway, you can add slate paving. This design will have your driveway the centre of attention without being too overbearing. They are super easy to clean and look amazing all year round.

Choosing the right gravel for around your driveway makes all the difference in the world. A mixture of pebbles and stones will be the focal point of your front yard.

Changing the way your front yard looks will make your home the most beautiful place in the neighbourhood. These are some inexpensive ways to do so.

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Ideas to Get Your Creative Juice Flowing

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