Great lighting is important for your backyard as it protects your home from intruders, make walkway safe and brighten the area for outdoor parties. If you don’t have access to an electric source in your yard, there are many solar options.

So, how can I light my backyard without electricity? With solar lights, they produce enough energy to charge up batteries and illuminate your yard at night. Further, the photoresist detects the absence of the sun, activates the battery and turns on the lights.

The advantages of buying solar lights are: it’s very safe, and it doesn’t add to your electric bill. Moreover, they are very lightweight and easy to install because there are no electric wires.

The Best Solar Outdoor lighting For Your Backyard

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Depending on the reason for getting backyard lights without electricity, your choice of light may vary. For instance, for protection, you will require floodlights.

Floodlights are lights that have a broad beam, they are perfect for lighting up large areas. They are a powerful lighting source with some featuring motion sensor and camera to record movements.

My favourite is the HTEP solar floodlights it comprises three lighting modes and waterproof material. They are super easy to install since it only requires screws and is very affordable.

Spotlights Illuminates Pathway And Beautify Trees

Spotlights produce a concentrate of lights and are best for illuminating pathways and trees. Floodlights are the best option for lighting a vast area while the spotlight shines on a particular object.

Another difference between the two lights are floodlights are mounted on your outdoor wall compared to spotlights who penetrate the ground. Depending on the features the price varies, however, the T-Sun is affordable and 90 degrees adjustable.

They can withstand the elements including the UK’s winters and have two brightness modes. Also, it is solar power and can capture up to 8-10 hours of charge.

Ambience Lighting

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Ambient light includes solar string lights that create an atmosphere for dining and enjoying your outdoor scenery. These ball shape lights are evenly distributed for maximum beauty.

Great for gazebo and pergola lighting they are simple to use, and installation is a breeze. Like iihome sixty led string lights they feature a solar panel that absorb the energy from the sun. They are excellent to leave up all year round as it goes with every decor.

With up to 10-12 hours of use, it features high-quality material, waterproof and has eight modes.

Garden Poles Lights

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Garden poles help brighten paths, walkways and prevent your guest from falling. They don’t produce enough lights like floodlight so you’ll need a few, especially if you are illuminating a large area.

You can also place them between flower beds and beside bushes because they are long and are mounted to the ground. There are two types of garden pole lights, one that focuses light in one direction while the other distribute lights in all directions.

IMAGE solar is a dusk to dawn lights that automatically come on at night time.

You don’t need any electricity to light up your backyard as solar does the job without adding to your electric bill.

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