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14 Small Flower Garden To Try During Lockdown

Garden small on house

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has been a boring experience for me. The thought of staying inside and working from home wasn’t what I expected for 2020. However, I doing the best I can to get through it. So, I spent my time creating minor projects like a small flowers garden.

Searching for ideas I came across my favourite page on Facebook called Sharing Ideas. These small flowers garden give me the perfect tool to begin my project.

I have some beautiful pots lying around which ill paint into pink, purple and blue. Then I’ll buy flowers, seeds (haven’t chosen yet) at Amazon and get to planting.

It seems simple enough! If you want to join me in my lockdown flower garden, you can start by choosing a design and start planting.

Here are some cool small flowers, garden ideas.

Small garden flowers
Pallet garden
Pink flowers
Flowers on fence
Pallet garden
Flowers garden wall
Flowers pot
Wall with small pot
Board flowers
House of flowers
Wheelbarrow garden

Extra pictures you may like.

Small garden for outdoor
Palm tree garden
Maze looking garden
Green small garden
Red gardens
Small plant garden

Hopefully, these pictures inspire you to start planting during the lockdown.