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For a new hot tub owner, buying a great tub can be difficult for some. After you must maintain it. In my previous post, I explained hot tub chemistry, which you’ll find very informative.

Here I’ll discuss the steps of adding chemicals, testing the water and draining and refilling your tub. While cleaning and water chemistry are important sometimes tub owners may experience difficulties preforming these simple tasks. So, here are an easy to follow hot tub maintenance checklist.

How To Add Chemicals To Your Hot Tubs?

Make sure to turn off your hot tub. Fill out how much chlorine or alkalinity or PH that you’ll need for your tub and sprinkled it around the water.

After you’ve added the chemicals to your hot tub keep the jets running for about 15 minutes. Further, leave the cover off the hot tub as it’s running.

How To Test Your Hot Tub Water?

The first way to test your hot tubs is to carry a sample of your hot tub water to your local tub dealer. With a plain bottle, open the cap and go elbow deep inside your tub and watch the bubbles come up. Then fill up an entire bottle and take it to your nearest dealer.

Secondly, a test strip now, what you will do is use a pint glass and do the same thing you did with the bottle. Go in elbow deep, turned upside down to get a reading from the middle of the hot tub. After wait 15 seconds and compare the readings to the back of the test strip bottle.

Then an old fashion liquid tester, fill the container with hot tub water again, you will go in elbow deep. Add four drops of the phenol liquid for the pH and the OTO, which test for chlorine. Shake and compare the readings.

How To Drain And Refill Hot Tub

hot tub in recreational vehicle campground

“Young teenage girl enjoying hot tub in recreational vehicle campground, horizontal.”

To drain your hot tub, you can use a sump pump, the drain plug on your tub or you can use both. But first, shut off the power on the tub. Attach a garden hose to the sump pump and place it in the deepest part of the tub.

Clean Hot Tub


Swirl Away Hot Tub and Whirlpool Bath Cleaner - 475ml

The next step is cleaning your hot tub, you can use a soft rag and any hot tub cleaner. You can find a cleaner at Amazon. Swirl Away is an excellent cleaner.

Rinse The Filter

 Give your filter a quick rinse, you can do this with a chemical rinse, chemical soak or a water rinse. Once your hot tub is completely drained and clean wash it down a second time to remove any chemicals.


Refill your hot tub by adding your garden hose to the filter well. After your tub is filled, add the filters and replace the chemicals you’ll need to maintain healthy water chemistry. This is your pH, alkalinity, sanitizers, etc.

These are some easy hot tub maintenance checklist that will benefit you in the long run.

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