There are plenty of products in your house that you can use to clean and heat your hot tub. Sometimes you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying simple things you can find around the home.

In the post, I’ll feature six household items you can use to clean your hot tub as well as three cheap ways to heat your pools.

DIY Hot Tubs Cleaners

White Vinegar–You can use diluted white vinegar to clean the scum lines around your hot tub.

Diluted bleach–Use bleach to remove any scum lines around your hot tub. You can even clean other stains, however, make sure it’s diluted.

Baking Soda-Baking soda is a very versatile cleaning product. You can use it to add abrasion to a sponge to clean the inside of your hot tub and outside of your tub.

Simple Green–Simple Green is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic liquid you can use to clean the inside of your hot tub after draining. Now, if you’re going to use Simple Green, make sure when you are finished. Rinse down the inside of your tub so when you refill it there’s no foaming.

Diluted Rubbing Alcohol–I like to use concentrated rubbing alcohol at 91-90 %. You can dilute it with a bit of water and it’s great for cleaning stainless steel.

Magic Eraser–Use magic eraser which is a non-chemical sponge that get any marks off the outside and the inside of your hot tub.

DIY Pool Heaters

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There are a few different options for heating your pool, including buying a gas heater or using a heat pump and a solar heater. But if you want something good and cheap, there are some ways to heat your pool using the power of the sun.

 Solar Covers–These are bubble wrap like plastic covers that lay on top bubble side down on your pool water. Further, it stops the water from evaporating and attracts some heat to your pool.

But if you have a big pool, you may want to invest in a solar cover or cut the cover in pieces so that way they’re more manageable.

Liquid Solar Covers–You can use a liquid solar cover that lasts about a month. It pours out a bit of non- toxic liquid all month long and it floats on top of the cover. It keeps the water from evaporating and is safe to use.

 Finally, you can use solar rings that look like little mini solar covers. They float on top of your water and is connected with magnets. These solar rings can provide up to 21000 BTU of heat per day.

Extra Tip:

All these methods are cheap however, you can save extra bucks if you buy an expensive heating system like a gas or electric heater. The system heats up your pool to the desired temperature. After you can either use a solar cover, solar rings or the liquid solar cover to keep the heat in your pool.

Hot tubs and pools are an excellent way to enjoy and relax in the water. I hope you love this post and it provides some useful tips that will help you with your pool and hot tub maintenance.

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