Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. I enjoy all the festivities and can’t wait to greet trick-a-treaters. However, not every year goes the way as planned, and because of mismanagement of this month’s budget my family and I have to compromise.

So this year, we are creating most of our decorations. For this project, I choose some beginners-friendly projects because I am not that crafty.

Some decoration below is made from inexpensive and reuseable materials like ribbons, balls, and Christmas wreaths.

Here are 13 cheap Halloween decoration you must try.

20201005 170236 min

White decoration balls are another cheap alternative to try this Halloween. You don’t have to go all out to achieve this look.

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A skull and red roses take time to get them in the perfect spot.

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I bet you can find the supplies around your home. This decor is super easy to complete.

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You can use old Christmas wreaths and flowers, add some skulls for the scary part.

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Another hand-painted Halloween decoration that is very cheap. Except for the paint, all the supplies you can find around your house.

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You can make this from a cardboard box or whichever material of your choice. These are handpainted so, it will take longer than you expected to finish.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas characters takes time to finish. But once it’s done, you love every inch of them.

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Recycled bows from old Christmas and Halloween decorations are used here. You can even buy them new to complete this project. Also, you can hand paint the skull or print them out

20201005 172501 min

Wooden boxes or paper? Choose your poison. A shoebox with a similar drawing or picture takes no time at all. However, a wooden box will look natural.

20201005 172438 min

Another pumpkin made from the orange paper you can find at your nearest craft store. YouTube has hundreds of videos that can help you achieve this masterpiece.

20201005 172624 min

Pumpkin comes in all shapes and sizes, especially at Halloween. This tasteful pumpkin will attract crafty people alike.

20201005 172647 min 1

To make this bloody frame, print out a picture of spook creature you desire and add it to a frame. You can splash red paint to give it this effect.

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Halloween wreaths are very easy to make, just find old ornaments from other decorations to turn it into something beautiful like this.

Halloween doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get the look you want. Using the materials you can find around your home will cut your cost in half.