The Coleman Event Shelter Deluxe or Pro which is the best to buy?

Coleman’s gazebos are one of the most popular brands in the UK, and customers found their services to be up to mark.

But their Event shelter collection has left buyers questioning who trumps. If you are like me, you want the best for your money.

There will always have competition between two products, especially when it’s from the same manufacturers.

However, luckily for you, I have got the answer. So let’s get started.

The Coleman Event Shelter Deluxe and Pro is no exception with the slightest improvements in durability, and other qualities determine the difference between the best and the runner-up.

While the Pro is cheaper than the Deluxe both offer something different and picking your favorite of the two is hard especially on a budget.

With this in mind, we have done all the work for you by comparing the Coleman Event Shelter deluxe to the pro.



  • WaterProof = Yes
  • Price = Cheaper than Delux
  • Living Area = 13.32 m
  • Water Column = 1000 mm (1 m)
  • Weight = 17 kg


Coleman Deluxe All Weather Waterproof Gazebo Event Shelter - Dark Green, 4.5 x 4.5 m/X-Large


  • WaterProof = Yes
  • Price = Expensive
  • Living Area = 21.16 m (larger)
  • Water Column = 3000 mm (3 m)
  • Weight = 28.6  kg

Coleman Gazebos -Deluxe Vs Pro -Similar Features

The same UV protection:

Both deluxe and pro offer the same amount of fabric UV guard of SPF 50. This protects your family from the sunburn resulting from the exposure of excess ultraviolet rays.

Easy Assembling Features:

The deluxe and pro both assemble time is 15 minutes or fewer the color-coded poles and webbing ensures your Event Shelter is assembled correctly.

Heavy Wind Protection:

They both offer roof venting for the wind to flow through protecting your family during stormy weather and keep them fresh on those extra hot days.

Fire Retardant:

One of the many cool features of the Coleman Event Shelter is its fire retardant fabric, we give the Coleman props for this.


The Coleman Pro

The Coleman Deluxe

Other Similarities of both Coleman Pro and Deluxe.

  • Sturdy steel poles.
  • Ring and pins.
  • Cable opening.
  • Protected Steams.
  • Carry bag. 

The Sizes

Available Event Shelter Pro– XL(4.5m-15ft) L (3.65m-12ft) M (3m-10ft).

Event Shelter Deluxe- XL 4.5m x4.5m.

Coleman Gazebos Event Shelter Deluxe and Pro Differences

Weight Differences:

The weight of the Deluxe is 28.6kg compares to the Pro 17kg that is a difference of 11.6kg. If you don’t want a heavy gazebo/tent, then buy the Coleman Pro.

Different Waterproof qualities:

The manufactures of the Coleman gazebos tested and examined the tent’s ability to repel water; this is crucial since it determines the amount of water the fabric can handle before it leaks. These ratings are called the hydrostatic head.

The deluxe has a 3000mm, which means the 3m of the water column can be placed on the surface before your tent leaks compared to the pro 1000mm -1m. Regarding waterproofing, the Deluxe takes the cake.

Price and Headroom:

The Coleman Pro is cheaper than the deluxe. The deluxe has a higher headroom of 228 cm(Center) and 190 cm(sides) compared to the pro’s 218 cm (Center) 169 cm(sides). This means the deluxe has a larger living area of 21.16 m² compared to the Event Shelter Pro of 13.32 m².

Bottom Line

The price is right on the Event Shelter Pro, but the Deluxe is the way to go why? Trust me. You want a gazebo that has a better chance to survive the elements.

The deluxe offers these features, and on further inspection, I’ve noticed the Coleman Deluxe steel poles look stronger than the Pro and buyers sworn by the Deluxe weatherproof resistance.

If it’s a competition between the Coleman Pro and Deluxe, then the Deluxe is number one.

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