A Coleman gazebo is an incredible and well-made outdoors structure, and because of this, you may experience some problems choosing which gazebo is the best.

The Event Domes and Event Shelter has its similarities and differences. That’s why, in this post, I will explore and compare both gazebos to find- which is the best in price, waterproofing and all-rounded functionality.

Both Coleman Event Shelter Dome and Event Shelter Similarities


Coleman Event Dome Gazebo, Sturdy Party Tent with Steel Rods, Gazebo, Event Tent, Sun Protection SPF 50+

Because the Coleman Gazebos manufacture’s pay attention to details, and provides the best experience to users. Their gazebos have fire retardant fabric that self extinguishes and gives you enough time to get to safety.

UV Guard and Sun-protection of SPF 50

Both the Event shelter and the dome have an SPF of 50 to protect your family from the sun harmful rays. According to skincancer.org SPF refers” how long the sun UV radiation will take to redden the skin”. So, an SPF 50 allows only 2 percent of those harmful rays through.

Waterproof Fabric

Coleman’s often test their fabric for the amount of water the canopy can take before leaking occurs. This is called the hydrostatic head. The Dome and Shelter have a hydrostatic head of 3000mm. This means they can hold 3m of water before the water enters the fabric. With additional tapered seams for extra protection.

Easy Pitching

Both the Event Shelter and Dome have an easy pitching construction. Further, two persons can set-up the Event Shelter or Dome because it consists of colour-coded poles as well as easy to clip connectors.

Light-weight and Easy to carry

With fire-glass poles these gazebos are easy to carry and setup.

The Differences of the Coleman’s Event Shelter And The Dome


Coleman Event Dome Gazebo, Sturdy Party Tent with Steel Rods, Gazebo, Event Tent, Sun Protection SPF 50+

Difference in Pitch Time

While both gazebos are easy to pitch, the Event Shelter takes five extra minutes to set up compared to the dome 10 minutes. If one person is pitching the Event Shelter, it will take a longer time to finish and the extra five minutes “makes all the difference in the world”.

The Dome is Lighter Than The Event Shelter

The weight of a gazebo is very important, especially when transporting your gazebo for camping or outdoor events. The Dome is 33% lighter than the Event Shelter.

The Attach Sun Wall

The Dome comes with an attached sun wall, included in the price to provide maximum shade while the Event Shelter doesn’t have any unless you purchase it separately.

Poor Stitching Of the Event Shelter

Buyers have complained that the Event Shelter has poor flysheet stitching, and water penetrates the fabric easily. Because the Event Shelter doesn’t have a sun wall or shade wall, it can’t withstand heavy winds.

The Takeaway

While both products have it’s pro and cons the Event Dome is an under-rated gazebo and by far superior to the Event Shelter.

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