How To Hang Christmas Lights on Brick Walls?

How To Hang Christmas Lights on Brick Walls?

Hanging Christmas lights to brick walls are not as difficult as you may think. So, to help you answer the question, how to hang Christmas lights on brick walls?

You can use brick clips, drill hooks, or glue. However, the brick clips are the easiest and safest option, and after searching through YouTube to find the answer, I have come across this life-saving video.

The Best Option- Bricks Clips

Kelly Cornelsen says she was looking for a simple way to hang her Christmas lights and decoration on her brick wall. She said brick clips have kept her husband from drilling holes into her mortar.

Within two minutes I found just that. The Audend hook hangers are super easy to install. To use- your brick must have at least 1/8 of the mortar expose for a secure fit. Then, with a little pressure, clip the hook to the mortar so you can hang your lights and other decors.

Use as many clips needed for your Christmas design as this will not damage your bricks. You can also use them to secure pictures for year-round outdoor decors.

Using A Glue Gun To Hang Christmas Lights

You can use a glue gun to attach the lights to your brick wall. With an extension cord plug on the glue gun and wait for the glue to heat. Then, add glue to the back of the bulb on the plastic casing and place them on the wall.

Christmas lights with a large bulb work the best with this method since it has a wide base for the glue to stick. When it’s time to remove the lights, you can use rubbing alcohol.

Installing Permanent Anchor Plugs

Anchor plugs will last very long, but it involves drilling holes into the brick’s mortar. You will need plastic plugs, and since Christmas lights are not heavy, a smaller size will work just fine.

Dress in the protective gears like your safety glasses and gloves. Drill holes and push a plug into the holes every time. Then, add hooks into the plugs and, be careful when screwing in the hooks as you can damage the plugs.

  • Plug size: 332 in (0.24 cm) in diameter.
  • Drill bit: 1364 in (0.52 cm) bit

Last thoughts

The best way to hang Christmas lights on brick walls is with brick clips but, if you can’t access these clips, you can always drill or use hot glue. Further, with drills, you can damage your mortar, so be careful with this method.